Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Pencil Grip Development Training Kit {A Product Review}

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I'm back today with another product review, this time from The Pencil Grip, Inc! The Pencil Grip, Inc. produces several great pencil grips, including their 3-Step Grip Development Training Kit. This set of three different pencil grips helps encourage proper hand positioning for both children and adults. As a result, users obtain better penmanship while reducing hand cramps and sore fingers!

As a child, I had an "odd" pencil grip, and because it was never corrected, I still grip my pens and pencils incorrectly today. While my incorrect grip hasn't affected my writing in an extreme way, sometimes children's grips can be so poor that it affects their ability to write at all, and can even make them refuse to write altogether!

As an SLP in the schools, I see a lot of incorrect hand positioning during writing. I currently have a few different students on my caseload in particular who all but refuse to write due to their difficulties with fine motor skills and the inability to properly position their writing utensil.

The 3-Step Training Kit allows you to transition students from more assistance to less assistance as they progress with proper hand placement.

For my students who are really struggling, I started them with The Crossover Grip (Step 1). With the assistance of our school Occupational Therapist, we transitioned the students to Step 2, and eventually for those who were ready, to Step 3. Below you can see pictures of them writing/drawing with and without the Pencil Grips. We really saw a big difference!

Student One: You can see from the first picture that his finger position was incorrect without a Pencil Grip.

Here you can see how he started off the sentence fairly legible with the word "pirates," but then his hand grew tired and he stopped completing the words.

The third line down was again without the pencil grip. Now, he is using the 3rd-step pencil grip to write the sentence on the last line.

He was actually able to complete the entire sentence on the last line and stay fairly legible. I have no doubt as we continue to practice he will continue to improve!

Student Two: Student two was practicing tracing circles. He traced the first circle without a pencil grip and using incorrect hand positioning. The second circle is being traced using the Step 1 (Crossover) pencil grip, and he has much more control and pressure!

 The third circle is being traced with a Step 2 grip (The Pinch Grip)

 The final circle is being traced with a Step 3 grip (The Pencil Grip)!

You can see that he had much more control and pencil pressure while using the pencil grips!

Student 3: This student has the hardest time doing anything that involves a writing utensil of any kind (pencil, marker, crayon, etc.). In fact, he has very little motivation to even hold a writing utensil. Getting him to color takes a LOT of effort. You can see below that we put the pencil grips on bigger crayons, and they made a difference as well! 

This is his grasp prior to a pencil grip. He is very weak and barely holds the utensil in his hand. 

Here, he is using the pencil grip Step One (Crossover) on the crayon.

The first picture (of the sword) shows something he colored without a pencil grip. (Very light and barely noticeable).

Here, you can see what he colored with the pencil grip (much more pressure and control).  (Note: this student is still using the Step One Crossover Pencil Grip.)

You can also download a free pdf. printable on Correct & Incorrect Handwriting Positions like the one pictured below by clicking HERE! Find other free downloads on The Pencil Grip website HERE.  (This is really great info to show parents!)

You can order the 3 Step Grip Development Training Kit AND see other products available by clicking the links below! PLUS, use the code: YOUWIN15 for 15% off your total online purchase! (Offer good through 5/27/2017). 

Be sure to follow The Pencil Grip, Inc. on FACEBOOK and PINTEREST as well! 

What do you think? Do any of your students use these pencil grips? Do you have any students who could use them? Let me know! 


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