Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hey Y'all....It's FALL!

Hey Y'all!

Though it's still pretty hot down here in South GA, I couldn't wait another single day to put out my fall decor! I LOVE getting crafty when I find the time, and I thought some of you might wanna take a peek into what I did over Labor Day weekend!

I've been dying for some crates for my front porch. I've been looking in antique stores, but the ones I've seen are either not in great condition, or more expensive than I'm willing to pay. So my solution was to buy these from Michael's (on sale for $9.99 each before the extra 20% off for Labor Day), and stain them!

I used a dark Walnut stain, and only did one coat. I sometimes treat wood before I stain it with a pre-stain so the stain will take to the wood better, but I didn't do that with these, because I wanted them to look more uneven and rustic.

Here, you can see the finished product to the right of my front door! They turned out so well, I'm pretty much obsessed. I'll be buying more and using them to build bedside tables and a bookshelf, and probably other things too! The "Pumpkins" sign is made from an old door panel. It was already pretty beat-up and distressed, so I just painted the letters on and then sanded them down. I had it inside last year, but thought I'd enjoy it on the porch this year. My ftont recently got a makeover with a new paint color. If you followed along on Instagram, this color is waaaayyy better than before!

*The monogrammed mason jar door hang came from Dean Trout's Little Shop on Etsy! She's a fellow SLP, and oh-so-talented!

Below, you'll find some shots of the inside.

Have you decorated for fall yet? Thanks for allowing me to detour from Speech today and show you a little of my "other" life! :)


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