Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sunny Speech Minimal Pairs Flip Book for FCD {A Product Review}

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I'm back today with a product review for a neat way to practice those dreaded final consonants! Sunny Speech Games were created by Annika Suarez, an SLP in sunny Florida. The flip-book games were created to target phonological processes, such as final consonant deletion, fronting and backing, stopping, voicing/devoicing, gliding, and cluster reduction, using a minimal pairs therapy technique.

I met Annika during the ASHA Convention, and she graciously offered to supply me with one of the flip books in exchange for my review. I chose FCD, as it seems to be a very popular goal around here! Disclaimer: While the Flip Book and contents were provided free of charge, the following opinions are all mine. 

It seems we do a lot of work on final consonants. A lot of work. I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to practice articulation sounds and phonological processes that keep my little kiddos engaged and motivated. This minimal pair flip book has been a huge hit with my babies!

Each flip book set comes with a spiral bound flip book (that stands up!), 2 sheets of reusable stickers, reusable data sheets for both younger and older students, a blank sky page for the stickers, 10 SLP data conversion sheets, and 5 SLP data sheets. An adorable Sunny Speech bag is also included to house your set, which is perfect when I'm traveling around the school!

The book includes a detailed directions page for explaining how to play the game, how to keep data on the data sheets, and tips for working with younger students versus older students. It also includes directions for Auditory Bombardment, directions for playing an "I'm Aware" game for Auditory Discrimination, and directions for playing a "Say It" game to practice the phonological process you're targeting. There are TWO sets of flip-books for Final Consonant Deletion. My set targets the final deletion of /n/, /ch/, /p/, /t/, /k/, /m/, /d/, and /s/.

The pictures in the flip books are set up as minimal pairs. Minimal pairs are great for helping children become aware of what sounds they are saying, and how the sounds they choose effect how someone understands them. For instance, if a child is trying to say "couch" but leaves off the /ch/ on the end, you can visually show them how they said "cow" instead! Minimal pair therapy has been very effective for my kiddos with phonological processes!


The best part about the flip-books is the sunshine stickers for motivation. These stickers are made from vinyl, so they are easily removable for reuse again and again! The students can either place them on their data sheets to help keep data, or they can place them on the sky sheet. My students love earning as many sunshine stickers as they can! 

The data sheets are great as well. They are easy to decipher and color coded based on the amount of cueing needed. This is great for keeping up with how well the student is doing independently! 

Overall, this flip-book has become a great edition to my arsenal of speech materials. In fact, it is one of my most requested activities during speech groups! 

You can learn more about Sunny Speech games and order one or more for yourself by clicking the link below! 

Have you used any flip books from Sunny Speech? I'd love to hear what you think! 


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