Thursday, August 25, 2016

Speech Room Tour, 2016 Edition

Hi Friends!

I blogged before about my first speech room in St. Petersburg, FL, but I've yet to blog about my new speech room in my hometown of South GA, and I've been here two years now! So I thought that today, I'd give you a little view inside our speech room!

Welcome to Speech!

Though I'm in the same room, my speech room looks a lot different this year than it did last year! Last year was my first year teaching in the same school system I grew up in. I inherited a room that the previous SLP had been in for years, and with it I inherited a hodge podge of therapy items and furniture. I cleaned a lot out last year and brought a lot of my personal items in, but I did little to decorate, as there just wasn't much time. Over the summer, I took out book shelves and filing cabinets and repainted them, refinished the wooden student table, bought new shelving, and hung new curtains! When all of the other decorations were added, I could finally see my personal touch on our room!

We have a Superhero theme school-wide this year. I made a Superhero Decor packet, which you'll see featured in the pictures below! You can check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store HERE. 

Here's a view of my desk when you first walk in the door. Though my room is small, we're cozy and not in a broom closet, so I'm thankful!

I spray painted an old ugly file cabinet, and it turned out so much better than before!

The side of my file cabinet is my inspiration wall....the bible verses help me get through the tough times!

My family is represented on top of the file cabinet, as well as my Chika Chika Boom Boom treee and The Giving Tree book. The Giving Tree book was given to me after I graduated college by my 5th grade teacher. I was in his class his first year of teaching. We kept in touch, he sang in my wedding, and now he's the principal of my new school!

These organizational drawers sit to the left of my desk. They hold my school supplies....yes, I'm a school supply hoarder!

Here's a view of the rest of my room from the doorway!

I bought these new shelves from Hope Depot this year, and I love them! They're much better than the corkboard bookshelf I had before that was going to completely fall apart at any time! They house my laminator, printer, treasure box, extra ink, and CD's.

I just hung this bulletin board this year, as well as the new SPEECH letters! The bulletin board houses our school Superhero Expectations. I bought the cardboard SPEECH letters from Hobby Lobby. I spray painted them navy blue to match my room, and hot-glued green ribbon to the top. They hang on command hooks!

Here's a close-up of our speech table. I LOVE the size of this little wooden table. I refinished it over the summer and it looks even better than before! The lime green stools were ordered from Amazon (my favorite)!

Here's a closeup of the supply box. I bought this silverware/napkin holder from Target over the summer on clearance for $0.70!!! I used my Silhouette to put the word "Supplies" on there, and Viola! it keeps all of our craft supplies organized!

The board houses our calendar and weather activities, as well as our Weekly Theme, CCSS Reference, Essential Question, and Ticket Out the Door!

I write below these each week depending on what we're learning. (Administrators LOVE seeing this!)

Of course, my room wouldn't be complete without Braidy!

 Finally, my bookshelves. These babies also got a makeover this summer with new paint! The left bookshelf houses all of my teaching workbooks, notebooks, children's books, and SGM items! The right bookshelf houses artic materials on the top, language materials in the middle, and games at the bottom!

And that's it! A little glimpse into our speech room! *Not pictured are two additional filing cabinets outside of my door. It's small, but cozy, and we're proud of it! (Plus, it's currently clean and perfectly organized, since it's the beginning of the year!)

Have a great new year, friends!


  1. Good morning. I love your room. I started this week in an elementary school for the first time. I have a very small room. Do you feel the children fall off the stools easily? Our county, in Orlando, FL is big into SGM, so I would love to learn more from you. Thanks for sharing. Alyson

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! My children don't fall off the stools because they know our rule is to keep "four on the floor." If I catch them leaning back in the stools or playing around on them, they have to move. I have written several blog posts on can find them by searching "SGM" on my blog! Feel free to comment on the posts with any questions you have! Thanks so much for reading! Whitney :)