Monday, April 11, 2016

Time Timer {A Product Review}

Hi friends!

I'm back today with a product review for one of my favorite tools ever....the Time Timer MOD!

For those of you who know me, I pretty much live by the clock. Organization and punctuality is paramount in my life, because so much of my day is planned out. Although I can be flexible and adapt if needed, I generally feel much more calm and efficient if I'm sticking to a plan. ;)

So I was SO excited to see this super cute timer at the ASHA Convention in Denver last November. The representative from Time Timer provided me a Time Timer MOD for free to review, but the opinions following are all mine.

The Time Timer MOD comes is a durable cardboard box, with a slate gray removable silicone cover. The silicone cover is easy to clean, and it protects the timer from falls! The glare-free lens also protects the timer!

I got a pink silicone cover to go with mine. Silicone covers are also available in sky blue and lime green! I was also given a Time Timer screwdriver to open the back door for the battery (one AA battery required and not included), but you can easily use any eye-glass screwdriver. 

The Time Timer MOD is small enough to travel with me, home, in the car, to swim lessons, to the bathroom, restaurants, etc. You name it, it's been there!

My early morning groups bring their 5-minute math drill work with them when they come to speech. They know they have 5 minutes to finish up, and then their folders go under their seats, and speech begins! I love that they are so accustomed to the Time Timer now that they come in, sit down, and turn it on themselves!

I compiled a quick list of 10 ways I use the Time Timer in Speech, but there are SO many other ways to use it.

Finally, here's 10 ways I commonly use the Time Timer at home with my 2 year old, Halle Jane. She's so used to it now, she regularly asks where it is!

Honestly, the Time Timer has become such an important asset to my life...both at work (therapy), and at home. I've even turned it on for myself before....only 10 more minutes of work left....then I can go home!

You can read more about the Time Timer MOD and other products from the Time Timer website:

You can purchase the Time Timer from the Time Timer website, or from Amazon! 

Click the link below to buy the Time Timer today! 

Time Timer MOD

 Have YOU used the Time Timer before? Do you use other types of timers? How do you use them?


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