Monday, April 18, 2016

A Spring Time Freebie!

Hi again, friends!

If you're like me, you're so, so happy Spring has sprung! I don't do cold very well. In fact, I try not to do it at all. So warm weather, sunshine, and new life is my jam!

We're finishing up with State standardized testing tomorrow (FINALLY!), and then this speech room is moving OUTSIDE! I love doing speech outside in the warmth and fresh air....and *most* of my students do too!

I love using Chalk in therapy. There are SO many ways to incorporate speech and language goals into drawing with Chalk. We have recently been working on an "Imagination" theme, and the book Chalk, by Bill Thomson, works perfectly! This book has NO WORDS! The kids in the book find a bag of chalk near the playground, and everything they draw comes to life! I love getting my students to "write" the story with their own words!

If the weather cooperates, we'll go outside and draw after reading the book. If the weather is rainy, the students can draw with chalk inside on construction paper! 

I also created this quick FREEBIE to go along with this lesson. The students simply add to the shapes to create pictures. Then, I have the students share what they made, and we talk about how different people can see things differently, and there are no right or wrong answers!

Here's an example. I recently updated the FREEBIE to include a second page with added shapes!

 You can download this FREEBIE in my TPT store by clicking the link below.

Do you use chalk in therapy? How do you work on imagination? I'd love to hear! 


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