Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Doc Is In!

It's almost November, guys.

My little girl's birthday was in August. And I'm just now finally getting a chance to blog about her birthday party. Better late than never, right?!?!

Anyway, Halle Jane has been really into doctoring for a while now. I mean really into it. Like she walks up to strangers in Walmart and gives them pretend shots and sends them on their way. What can I say? She spends a lot of time at my father-in-love's doctor office, and she thinks she owns the place! Here's a picture of them in their matching lab coats:

Anyway, she's also an avid fan of Doc McStuffins. And I love the show too. I love how educational it is, but I especially love how sweet and kind and respectful all of the characters are. I love the life lessons it teaches, including kindness, responsibility, hard work, teamwork, and so much more. So when we asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, it was no surprise when she said "a doctor party!"

I'll go ahead and admit it now: I perhaps get into party planning a little too much. If I could make a career out of it in South GA, I would probably try! So planning this party was a blast for me. You can check out the highlights below:


My sister-in-love makes these for us every year. To save money, we buy the black poster board and she uses paint markers that look like chalk to make the sign. 

We set up a coloring table for the kids with Doc McStuffins coloring pages, as well as a check-up check-list for their patients!

Each child got a doctor's badge and a hospital bracelet for their "patients" when they arrived at the party. These were super easy to make. I made the design on Powerpoint, and used Velcro dots to clasp them together. 

We set up a patient care area, complete with exam table paper and stuffed animals for their patients. We also had several doctor kits out for the doctors to use while doing their check-ups!

Halle Jane had her own doctor name badge as well, and her "real" stethoscope was one of her birthday presents. (Yes, she actually requested that!) I ordered the birthday hat from Etsy. I ordered the plastic sleeves for the name badges and the lanyards for them from Amazon. My mom found the cute Doc McStuffins mason jar at TJ Maxx.


 These cups were super easy to make, and were perfect for each child to take home! I ordered the cups from Amazon, the straws from Etsy, and a local vender make the vinyl bandaids for me to stick on!

I made the food labels on Powerpoint and printed them on cardstock so they would stand up.

 The kids *adored* the gummies in these little cups, which also came from Amazon!

Ok, this was perhaps the best part of the entire party: Yogurt Shots! They were SO easy to do (I ordered the jumbo "jello shot" syringes from Amazon, and literally sucked up the yogurt from a large container.) They come with little tops so the yogurt doesn't spill out. And the best part is the kids can suck the yogurt right out, without even having to push the syringe in, so there is NO mess! We have washed out the extra syringes and continued to refill them with yogurt since the party, because it is the best way to get Halle Jane to eat a healthy snack without a mess! She asks for a "yogurt shot" at least twice a day!

My mom made the sugar cookies. They are to die for and the only thing we request to eat for every single holiday. But they are so time-consuming, so it is really a labor of love!

The only thing I didn't get a picture of was the apple slices. We labeled those "an apple a day!"

And here's the cake. It was made locally, and it was delicious! The decorations are made from fondant, but everything else is "real" icing.

To say she was a little bit excited about her presents would be an understatement! I had her dress made by a wonderful SLP friend, Dean Trout. You can find her Etsy store HERE, but she's wonderful with custom orders as well! She also has a blog called Your SLP Momma Says. 

Finally, each kiddo got a party favor bag to take home. Besides the cup, doctor name badge, and hospital bracelets from the party, each bag had Doc gummies, bubbles, a water bottle (with purple duct tape and a band-aid sticker), a Doc certificate, and a pink pill bottle filled with M&Ms (ordered from Ebay).

It was a wonderful day for our little doctor! And now I'm speechless that I already have a 2 year old!

Happy Birthday, Halle Jane! We love you so very much!


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