Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Teach Speech App: Prepositions {An App Review}

Happy Wednesday!

I'm back today with a new app review: Prepositions, by Teach Speech Apps! Disclaimer: A copy of the app was provided for me to review, but no other compensation was provided. The opinions below are all mine. 


If your caseload is anything like mine, you have lots of little lovies who can use all the help they can get with prepositions and spatial directions. I have many students who have difficulty staying seated and maintaining focus, so the iPad always comes in handy with these kiddos.

What I LOVE about this app is the simplicity. There are not tons of bells and whistles and other visuals/sounds that could be distracting to my little ones. When you open the app, you'll see 4 boxes to choose from, seen in the picture above. I love how this provides 4 different ways to work on (and assess) prepositions, and some of them are more difficult than others for students with differing ability levels.

When you choose "Identify the picture that demonstrates the sentence," you will see items like the picture below. The student simply touches the picture they believe shows the correct answer.

When the student answers incorrectly, the incorrect answer is outlined in red.

After 10 questions, you see a summary of their correct answers. This makes data collection so easy!

The picture below shows an example from Identifying the Preposition for the Sentence. By touching the microphone buttons under the answer choices, the students can have the answer choices read to them.

In the "Drag and Drop" section, the student simply drags and drops the object into the correct position. This is great practice for the students just learning prepositions...and how to follow 1-step directions embedded with spatial concepts!

If the student places the object in the wrong place, the box around the object is outlined in red.

 Finally, the students can work on classifying prepositions as location, time, or movement. This is especially great for my older students working on vocabulary and categorization!

The "Settings" tab allows you to make changes based on what you and your students like/want/need. You can turn the reinforcement on/off, sound buttons on/off, and written words on/off! 

Overall, I love this app, and my students do too! It is delightfully simple but such a great resource for teaching and practicing prepositions! Practicing prepositions this way keeps me from having to always have tangibles on sight for practice, and keeps the students who are motivated by technology engaged and excited about learning. I highly recommend it for your iPad app repertoire!

You can see this app in the itunes app store by clicking the link below. It sells for only $2.99!

Have you used this app in therapy? If so, I'd love to hear what you think!


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