Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sort & Sticks: My newest obsession! {And a BIG GIVEAWAY!}

Hey friends!

I just have to tell you about my newest obsession: Sort and Stick activities! I have an INSANE amount of students working on sorting and categorizing this year. They get tired of the same materials each therapy session, so I decided to make a few category sort games to go along with some of the themes we were doing at the time. I ended up sticking Velcro dots to the back of them to make sure we didn't lose all of the little pieces, and they were such a hit with the kiddos, I made a few more. My kids are *begging* for new Sort and Stick activities each week! Here's a look at the ones currently available. Click on each individual picture to read more about them in my TPT store!

Animal Homes & Habitats: Sort the animals into habitats such as desert, ocean, farm, jungle, and more!

Community Helpers: Sort the community helpers, clothing, vehicles, and tools into the places they work!

Halloween Categories: Just in time for Halloween, sort the objects into Halloween categories such as candy, things witches have, monsters, costumes, and more!

Around the House: Categorize objects into the rooms in which they belong!

Food Groups: Learn to eat healthy and get the daily amounts of recommended food groups in this sort and stick activity!

Holidays: Teach your children to categorize objects from each holiday!

Have you used any sort and stick activities in therapy? Which ones are your favorite? Stay tuned....more are coming your way shortly!

You can enter to win a FREE copy of all these Sort & Stick activities in the Rafflecopter link below. I'll pick TWO winners!

Good luck! 


  1. I have so many kiddos who would love these! Even some of my older students with word finding/vocabulary difficulties would enjoy these. They love helping me pick out the next month's therapy themes and it's an easy way to get them brainstorming about categories (i.e., they pick "animals" for a theme, then we brainstorm what little groups would fit under the big group of animals--farm, wild, zoo, pets, etc.) These sort and stick activities would go along perfectly and be so great for my kids who need a visual!

  2. These are great. I think that maybe items within a house and rooms they are located at would be a great one to add.

  3. Maybe object/function or associations or cause/effect

  4. Some sorting ones for prepositions would be good, or concepts like big/little, hot/cold etc.

  5. These are all great! Around the House, Community helpers, and Food are all units in the preschool curriculum at many of the schools I work with, so they would be helpful to have!