Monday, October 5, 2015

Halloween Sing-A-Long...Speech Style!

Happy Fall, Friends!

I can't tell you how happy I am to feel some cooler weather coming in! This time of year is one of my favorites: pumpkin carving, leaves turning, baby cows being born (I was raised on a Blank Angus cattle farm), football games, and HALLOWEEN!

In case you haven't heard the news, I'm back in the schools, where I most-definitely belong! I am so, so thankful for the year of working in the hospital. I had fun, learned a lot, and was challenged greatly. But I think once you find your "home," you just know. So when I had the opportunity to come back into the schools, I couldn't turn it down! There's something about walking the school halls during the excitement of upcoming holidays that I just can't get enough of! And if you know me, you know I adore holidays. It's seriously a struggle to get me to hold off decorating for Halloween as soon as September hits. My husband says if he'd let me, I'd have a Christmas tree up November 1st. He exaggerates, but not my much! ;)

Anyway, to say I'm pumped about doing Halloween-themed therapy over the next few weeks would be an understatement. At my new school, I have Pre-K through 5th grade self-contained special needs and Autism classrooms. These kiddos mixed with the general education kids makes for a lot of differing ability levels. When I'm introducing a new themed unit (holidays included), we do lots of vocabulary in lots of different forms. Flash cards, pictures, actual objects, video clips, books, and MUSIC. I adore music, and there's never a day when music isn't some part of therapy (even if it is just turned down low in the background.)

A few months ago, I did a compilation of Summer-themed songs that I love for therapy. You can read that post HERE. I got a great response, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite Halloween (and fall)-themed songs for therapy as well:

Trick or Treat Give Me Something Good to Eat -Super Simple Songs
A great way to review different types of foods!

Knock Knock Trick of Treat -Super Simple Songs
An awesome way to introduce Halloween costumes and describing the different costumes!

Can You Make a Happy Face? -Super Simple Songs
I LOVE this one for teaching feelings, facial expressions, and more. I use this one when we're talking about Jack-O-Lanterns-a favorite way to teach expressions and feelings!

Go Away! -Super Simple Songs
This one is great for teaching the different Halloween characters, and also for teaching kids how to handle situations when they might be a little scared!

This Is The Way We Carve a Pumpkin -Super Simple Songs
Great for reviewing the sequencing steps to Carving a Pumpkin, as well as reviewing parts of the face!

Five Creepy Spiders -Super Simple Songs
Review Halloween character vocabulary and count backwards from 5!

Who Took the Candy? -Super Simple Songs
Find out who took the candy and review adorable Halloween character vocabulary!

Go Away Spooky Goblin, Go Away! -Super Simple Songs
A continuation of "Go Away", this song has more Halloween characters to learn!

The Skeleton Dance -Super Simple Songs
Learn the names of bones and practice left vs. right with this fun song based off "Dem Dry Bones"

We're A Ghost Family -Mother Goose Club
Great descriptions of ghosts and ghost actions!

Scarecrow Scarecrow, Turn Around -The Learning Station
Follow directions with the Scarecrow, learn prepositions and spatial directions!

Witches' Brew -Hap Palmer Educational Songs for Children
A super fun song for learning vocabulary about witches. This song works great for a good ole' game of musical chairs, too!

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate -The Kiboomers
Such a cute animated song to go with the book!

The Witch In The Dark -The Kiboomers
To the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" this adorable song is great for reviewing Halloween vocabulary and talking about the feeling "scared." (This one is also great for practicing s-blends: scared, scream, screech!)

I Put a Spell On You -Sung by Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus
For my older kids, I like playing this one. Because....well...It's just my personal favorite!

Hope you enjoy! Are there any great Halloween songs I missed? Let me know...I'm always looking for more!

Have a BOOtiful day!


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