Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School with Student Folders!

Hi Friends!

I cannot believe we're back to school and halfway through August already! Time is flying by so own little one just started 2 year old church preschool!

For the past year since we moved back home to GA, I've been working at an inpatient/outpatient hospital. While I loved working there and sharpening my skills in the areas of adults and swallowing, I really, really, really missed the schools. So when the opportunity to go back in the local school system where I was raised came up, I jumped on it! I'm now in an elementary school for Pre-K through 5th grade, and much of my caseload is once again Autism. I'm so, so excited to be back where I know I belong!

Anyway, with the schools comes student folders and data sheets. A few years ago when I was in the schools, I created some new sheets for student folders to help me get to know them better, help them identify their speech and language goals, and help them progress monitor their own goals. (Plus, this looks really good to administrators conducting your evaluations, hint hint!) Here are a few examples below:

I send this one home for the parents to fill out. It's a great way to open communication with the parents and show them how you're interested in their child!

Every single child should know why they come to speech and what they work on. Whether it is answering questions, a specific articulation sound, social skills, etc. For my kiddos who can write, this is what they use so they are reminded of why they come to speech. We always need to keep the goals in mind, so they can take ownership in their learning! There's nothing worse than an administrator asking a student what they are working on in speech, and the student answering "Candy Land!" (At the very least, they should say "We're using Candy Land to motivate me to practice my /l/!"

Speaking of ownership, the kids also need to be able to keep track of their own data. They need to be able to tell whether they got a sound correct or incorrect and always be working to improve their accuracy. On this sheet, I give each student a marker, and we color up to the percentage they got correct that day. They love to see the graph go up, and hate for it to go down! (Yes, I even make my Kindergartners do this, with some help!)

You can download a copy of the worksheets I made for my student folders in my TPT store by clicking the link below. Enjoy, and have an awesome school year!

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