Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dog Collar Rhyming...a Forever Freebie!

Happy Monday, Friends!

It was a super busy crazy weekend for us, so I got very little therapy planning done! When these weekends happen, I'm so thankful I have go-to therapy activities already prepped and ready to pull out of my arsenal at the last minute.

Anyway, I happened upon an oldie-but-goodie freebie this past week that I used for the first time with many of my kiddos....and it was a big hit! I currently have tons of kids working on phonological awareness and rhyming, and who doesn't love dogs? So this was perfect for them. For some kids, we played a game with the game board and penalty cards. For others, I used the cards as flash cards. And for some kids, I turned the cards over, and we played a matching game.

You can download Dog Collar Rhyming from my TPT Store below. If you do, please remember to leave some feedback love!

This set also goes great with my "In the Doghouse" Social Scenarios Packet. You can find it below: 

Hope you enjoy!


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