Monday, April 13, 2015

Smarty Ears' Verb Quest! {An App Review}

Hey Friends!

Have any wizard fans on your caseload? Smarty Ears has an app called Verb Quest that has a's perfect motivation for all my Potter fans! You can read my review of the app below. Disclaimer: Smarty Ears provided me with a copy of the app for review, but no other compensation was provided. The following opinions are all mine. :)

When you first enter the app, you'll need to add users. You can add players individually, or you can import already created players from the TRC (Therapy Report Center).

Under the settings tab, you can modify settings such as whether or not to display a hint, whether or not to increase levels, etc.

You can also select or deselect certain sentences from each level.

Once you add the players, you can adjust the activity level for each player based on their ability level. There are 20 different levels for the students to play!

You can select which levels each player will play. You can select more than one level at a time! You can also play with up to 5 students at a time, or you can play with an individual student alone.

The students are presented with a sentence prompt, and they choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Once they correctly fill in the blank, they are asked if they want to repeat the sentence back and be recorded. You can record their voice, or you can skip this part and move on to the next prompt. (Hint: You can also disable the recording prompt-I do, because I don't have time for each kiddo to ask to record themselves after each turn!)

Once they have completed 10 correctly without hints, they can move on to the next level, or continuing practicing the same level.

Under Report Cards, you can view a student's awards, or check out their progress reports.

Students earn different wands for each level they master! My kiddos adore this!

You can view progress reports by session...

And by level! You can also share progress reports via email!

Overall, Verb Quest is another awesome app by Smarty Ears. Verbs are really important. SO important that I work on them every single day with almost every single student. Verb Quest breathed new life into our therapy sessions where we target verbs. It's fun, motivating, and educational. Who could ask for more?!?!

You can read more about Verb Quest HERE.

Verb Quest sells for $19.99 in the iTunes app store. You can see it HERE.

What are your thoughts on Verb Quest???


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