Monday, April 6, 2015

Smarty Ears' Phonological Awareness Lab {An App Review}

Happy Monday!

I'm back today with another great app from Smarty Ears! Disclaimer: Smarty Ears provided me with a copy of the app for review, but all opinions expressed below are solely mine. :)

The App of the Day is the Phonological Awareness Lab App!

When you enter the app. you can choose the Support tab to learn more about the app, view video tutorials, rate the app, and much more! Smarty Ears has a wonderful support team that are always willing to help!

When you select a scientist from the main menu, you can add or remove players. (You can also import players from the Therapy Report Center.) This is also where you go to select which players you wish to play the game. You can select up to 5 players to play at one time.

After you select your players, you can choose which activity you wish to play. There are 4 different types of games to choose from:

The Science Experiment activity has the students count out how many words are in the given sentence. The student taps the dropper for each word in the sentence. Then, they tap the beaker to "enter" their answer.

If their answer is correct, the beaker turns green. If their response is incorrect, the beaker turns red. I LOVE this game for my students who are learning to repeat sentences. This is a great pre-cursor to having them say the sentences because it teaches them to listen intently to every. single. word.

In the Decoding Room, students work on blending both sounds and syllables.

The students listen to the sounds or syllables and choose the picture that best matches the sounds or syllables they heard!

The Rhyming Compound has three different activities for the students to play:

In Rhyming Identification, the students are presented with 3 words and asked if the words rhyme or not.

In Rhyming Selection, the students are given a word and then asked to choose which of three words rhyme with the target.

In Rhyming Match, the students are asked to identify four words that rhyme.

Finally, in Syllable X-Ray, students are asked to tap the picture that has the same number of syllables as the number of dots shown on the left.

After you're finished playing, you can view your students data for each session in the Report Center. You can share this information with parents via email, or print to keep in the students' folders.

Overall, I use this app more than any other app in my app arsenal! I have SO many students working on phonological awareness, syllables, repeating sentences, etc. My kiddos love that it has a scientist theme as well!

You can read more about the Phonological Awareness Lab app HERE.

Phonological Awareness Lab sells in the iTunes store for $13.99. You can see it HERE

Do you use Phonological Awareness Lab in your therapy sessions? What do you think?


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