Thursday, March 5, 2015

StepByStep {An App Review}

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I'm back today with another app review. This app is by SOAR Therapy and is called "Step by Step." It's a sequencing app that can be used with both kids and adults. SOAR Therapy provided me with a copy of the Pro version for review, but the opinions below are all mine.

When you open the app, this screen appears. You can sign up, sign in, or continue as a guest. If you want to keep track of data; however, you need to be signed in. 

Once you've created an account and signed in, you can add and remove users. I like how this allows me to add students and remove old ones, and it keeps up with all of their individual data. If I don't add new users, the information all goes under my sign-in name. 

Each time you open the app, you can select which user is playing. 

Once you've chosen a sign-in name, you choose whether you would like the kid sequences or the adult sequences. 

If you download the free version of the app, you get 2 free sequences for kids and 2 free sequences for adults. You can buy additional sequences if you'd like. 

This is an example of a kids sequence for brushing your teeth. This particular sequence has 4 pictures. To complete the sequence correctly, the patient simply slides the pictures into the correct order with their finger. 

Once they complete the sequence and click 'submit', a box lets you know how many steps they completed correctly. They can try again if they did not complete it in the correct order. 

Here's a picture of a sequence completed incorrectly. My kiddos loved using the jack-o-lantern carving sequence around Halloween! 

The "getting dressed" sequence has been great for many of my patients. You can see here that this one is a little harder and includes up to eight pictures. 

You can see the history of the sequences for each user name. This tells you which sequence they worked on, how long it took them to complete it, the date, and their accuracy. 

Here, you can see that you can purchase additional individual sequences for 0.99, or you can purchase the entire kids and/or adult bundles for $9.99 each with in-app purchases. However, a recent addition allows you to purchase both the adult and kid bundles with the Pro Version of the app for only $14.99.  

One of my students enjoying the "brushing your teeth" sequence! 

Overall, I like the simplicity of the app. It allows me to target a common goal (sequencing), as well as opens discussion for these activities in therapy (for wh questions, opinions, etc.) My favorite part of the app is that it differentiates between the sequences for kids and adults. Working in a hospital, we often have adult patients come through. I like that we can target the sequencing goal with pictures that don't look too child-like. I also like the array of sequences included. Many of them are different from sequences we've worked on in therapy before, which keeps it interesting and challenging for the patient. The only thing of note is that in a few of the sequences, the order of some of the steps can be a little subjective or unclear. In the example above, I frequently have patients put the cash register sign in front of the candy bar placed on the table. Also, in a hospital setting, I rarely need the ability to work with more than one user at a time. However, in a school setting, for me to use this app in group therapy, it would be convenient to be able to switch users to go from student to student in the group. All in all; however, this is a simple, easy maneuverable app for both kids and adults to target sequencing!

You can find the free version of Step by Step in itunes HERE

You can find the Pro Version of Step by Step in itunes HERE

You can see Soar Therapy on Facebook HERE

Have you used Step by Step yet? How do you work on sequencing in therapy? 

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  1. I haven't heard of this app. I reviewed the sequencing app from Speech with Milo last week. I prefer to do a real "hands on" activity, but the apps definitely have their place!