Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's In Your Cart Linky Party: Hero Sale!

Hey friends!

As if you don't already know it, teachers (and SLPs) are HEROES!!! To celebrate the heroes that we all are, TPT is throwing another site-wide sale!

My friend Jenna from Speech Room News usually hosts a linky where everyone links up their wishlists, and this time in no exception! Make sure you check out the linky for great suggestions for the sale. Every time I take a look, I add more to my cart!!

Here's a look at what I suggest from my store:

My March Book Club:

My book club bundles are perfect for getting all of your planning done for the month! Each book companion comes with a seasonal book, a fictional book, a nonfiction book, and a year-round story!

And my April Book Club: 

You can find all of the monthly Book Club Bundles in my TPT store!  They're already listed at a bundle price, so with the additional discount from the sale, they're an awesome deal!

Here's what's in my cart:

Jenn's Great Listener packet looks AMAZING!!!

Jenna's Color Interactive Books are a MUST HAVE for like every kid on my caseload under 4!

Kristin's Articulation Necklaces look so adorable...I know my kiddos will LOVE them!

 Lauren's Story in a Can packet looks like it would work great with Story Grammar Marker!

And finally, Nicole's Leveled Grammar Intervention is sure to be a MUCH needed resource!

What's in your cart? I'd love to hear!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shamrock Absurdities FREEBIE!

Hi Friends!

Whelp....Valentine's Day is over and I've got a week of therapy activities planned around President's Day! But after President's Day comes Saint Patrick's Day, and I'm trying to get a jump start on planning!

Currently, I have quite a few students working on absurdities. I thought they might be a little more motivated to work on them if they were holiday related, so I created a quick activity to target absurdities, and I'm sharing it with you!

Seriously, the support you guys give makes me feel like the luckiest SLP in the world. So thank you once again, from the bottom of my heart! And Happy (early) Saint Patrick's Day!

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul Bloghop!

Hey friends!

I'm so excited to be a part of this super cool blog hop! When I was younger (and had time to just sit and read), I read tons of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books. I loved how some stories were funny, some were sad, and all were inspirational. So when Felice (the Dabbling Speechie) suggested we do a Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul blog hop, I jumped at the chance!

Though I was super excited to write this post, I had a terribly difficult time deciding what to write about. I'm sure many (if not all of you) have had someone in your life tell you at some point that you should write a book after you tell them a story or two from your SLP life. I get that from my family all the time. I do try to write funny or inspirational stories down occasionally so I'll remember them. I sometimes even look back at the funny ones when I'm having a bad day! So I sorted through tons of stories and finally chose what has to be my favorite one of all time:

Before my current job, I worked at the best elementary school I could imagine. The school has self-contained Autism classrooms from PreK-5th grade. Though many of the students could be funny from time to time, one of the boys in the 2nd grade classroom kept us laughing daily. He is lovingly referred to as the "preacher man" because he is always saying things like "Praise Jesus" and "yes Lord!" One day, I went to get him for therapy and his classroom teacher was having a hard time getting him to do any work. He kept pulling on his right ear and saying there was water in there. His classroom teacher told me that when he went to take a drink of water from the water fountain that morning, he turned his head and water shot in his ear. They wiped his ear out and when I looked, it was completely dry. I just figured he had gotten "stuck" on the topic and was perseverating on the water in his ear, so I told him to stand up and jump while shaking his head to the right. I was planning on saying something like "Great job! The water is all gone now, so we can get back to work." But you guys, I kid you not. When that kid started jumping and shaking his head, water literally poured out of his ear. It was like a dam broke. There was actually a puddle of water on the table! The classroom teacher and I were shocked. But the look on the kid's face was priceless. He looked even more surprised than we were. He grabbed his ear, ran around the room, and shouted "I can hear! I've been healed! Praise the Lord, I'm healed!" May we all have such strong childlike faith!

I hope you're enjoying hopping through these stories as much as I am! You can head back to the first blog by clicking the picture below:

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And don't forget to keep up with the numbers. There are awesome prizes at the end!