Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's In Your Cart? Linky Party: Blast Off Back to School Sale

Happy August, Friends!

I absolutely cannot believe August is here. Not only does August mean back to school, but August also means I've been a mommy for a year!

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard by now that TPT's annual Back-to-School site-wide sale is coming up soon! It's August 4th and 5th to be exact! You can use the code below to get additional discounts...and since my store will already be 20% off, you'll get 28% off everything you buy! Whoop Whoop!

I'm linking up with my friend Jenna's What's In Your Cart? linky party. I love her cart linkies, because it makes shopping for this sleep and time-deprived mommy so much easier!

Check out my highlighted products below, as well as a few products that I've had my eye on for a while!

The first is one of my newest book companions for The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash! I love teaching this book early on in the school year, and this HUGE packet has activities for all elementary age levels/abilities!

Having moved to the hospital setting, I've got TONS of students working on letter names, sounds, and phonological awareness. We have a learning center along with the speech therapy that many kids come to after school. I created this Alphabet & Phonological Awareness packet to use with my students, and they are loving it. The packet is enormous, and is full of different activities and classroom d├ęcor as well! The following pictures highlight just some of the different sections!

So in addition to TONS of clipart, take a look at what's in my cart so far:

Many of the students on my current caseload are getting ready to begin Kindergarten. I'm so excited to have Jenna's new If You Give a Mouse to School companion to go along with the book...and it targets the Pre-K level...perfect!

I also have TONS of kiddos working on speech. Many of them have severe phonological disorders, to my friend Kristin's Phonology Bundle is going to be soooo helpful!

And finally, I'm in love with my girl Jenn's new Daily Routine's packet. It is so precious and absolutely perfect for targeting sequencing, 'wh' questions, and soooo much more! My kiddos are going to LOVE this!

I can't wait to read the other posts to see what everyone else is buying. If this time is anything like the previous sales, I'll check out several different times! Happy Shopping, and thank you guys so much for the support!