Sunday, July 27, 2014

Long Time No Blog!

Happy Sunday, Friends!

It's been WAAAAYYY too long! BUT....I have a good explanation. Make that several good explanations!

On June 17th, just a week after our school year was finished, my husband and I loaded up the largest U-Haul we could find and moved back to our hometown in South GA. This decision was a much harder one than I ever could have expected. Both sets of our parents are in GA, all our siblings, and my grandparents and other extended family. But leaving Saint Petersburg wasn't a decision we took lightly. By making the decision to move back to GA, we were gaining immediate access to our parents among other things, but we were also leaving other family and the best friends in the world behind.

When my husband and I decided to move away from our hometown almost 4 years ago and settled in Saint Petersburg, we were taking a huge leap of faith. We had some family in Tampa, but we knew no one else. But The Lord blessed our time there beyond measure. He put me in what I honestly believe is the best elementary school in Saint Petersburg. And with the best school came the best group of co-workers and students' families, who quickly became the best group of friends. My husband's co-workers also became great friends. We got married, became pregnant, and had our little girl all while living in St. Pete. We loved the shopping, the beaches, the plethora of restaurants, the museums, the theme parks, and most of all, the people. Our time in Florida is something we will treasure forever. But sometimes, new opportunities present themselves, and you feel the calling to take another leap of faith. And this is exactly what happened for us a few months before school was out. I had an opportunity to take a new job in a hospital setting in our hometown, and my husband quickly received a job offer as well. And with a little girl less than a year old, we felt the desire to bring her home so that she could grow up around her grandparents as we did around ours.

So the difficult decision was made. We decided to trust The Lord to lead us home, and we will continue to seek his guidance in how long we stay. It may be forever. It may not. We may find our way back to Florida one day, or we may just enjoy frequent vacations there instead. But no matter where we are, our Florida friends and family are forever in our hearts!

So in addition to the out-of-state relocation and new jobs, we also began building a house. Until the house is finished, we're currently living in a family cabin on the out-skirts of town (ok, waaaayyy out in the country). While it's an awesome (and free!) place to stay, it unfortunately doesn't have internet. So needless to say, blogging and making TPT materials hasn't been the easiest thing to do these days!

The Cabin 

The Beginnings of Our New House! 

But even though I'm having to be very intentional right now about finding time to blog, I promise I'll be back in full swing soon enough. Our house will be ready soon, and although unpacking will take some time, I'll be back on a regular basis very soon!

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer, and have a great start to the new school year! And if you don't already, you can follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers (Whitneyslp), to receive email notifications about new products that I'll be adding in the next few weeks (just in case I don't have time to blog about them all!)


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