Friday, April 25, 2014

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Articulation, Screenings, Jimmy's Boa, and Social Skills

Hi Friends!

I'm literally hours away from the weekend....and I'm sooo excited! Though I have a lot of work to do at home this weekend, I'm also going to take some time to relax on the beach (weather permitting), and spend some time with family!

Anyway, I haven't done a Weekly Wrap-Up in a few weeks, as our scheduled have been a little off with State testing among other things. So this is what we've been up to the past few weeks in therapy:

 I have a little Kindergarten speech kid who is infatuated with any type of vehicle. He doesn't like to practice his speech sounds at home, so we made him a place-mat to keep with his words, so he can practice them before dinner. Mom reports it's working so far!

I have one student in particular who is having a very hard time with playing games with peers. He attends one of my social groups. He used to loathe Apples to Apples card edition until we introduced Apples to Apples dice edition. Now he loathes the dice, and asks to play the card version. However, the other students in the group are enjoying the dice game, so we're using this as a teachable moment to teach the importance of compromise, talking out solutions instead of tantruming, winning and losing graciously, etc. Some days are good, others not so much. But he'll get there eventually. Until then, we keep on playing....

Before we play a game (always an educational one, might I add), we review the acceptable and unacceptable ways to win and lose. You can find these in my TPT store HERE.

 I spent some time this week planning for Summer suggestions, too. I used this homework calendar from Sublime Speech last year and my parents loved it! You can find a very similar one she made HERE.

I also spent time this week doing a few screenings on Kindergarten students. I used Speechy Musing's Kindergarten Screener from her HUGE CCSS Reference Binder for the first time, and LOVED it! You can find her awesome packet HERE.

We used Speech Time Fun's Noun/Verb Agreement activity on the iPad for a wonderful no-print option! You can find this cute and quick FREEBIE HERE.

 I tried to use the iPad as much as possible this week and last, as the majority of the school was in "Quiet Zones" because of State testing. I often saw my kiddos right outside of their classrooms instead of bringing them all the way back to my room for speech. Teach Speech 365's adorable no-print book, Carl's Crazy Day was perfect for reading comprehension! (And my students ADORED it!) You can find it HERE.

 For the majority of my language groups, we read the story The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash and used my new companion packet to target all kinds of skills such as basic concepts, comprehension questions, sequencing, writing, prepositions, cause/effect, and much more! You can find this companion packet HERE.

In one of my kindergarten speech groups, we worked on the /sh/ sound. I have one working on the initial position and another working on the final position. These FREE worksheets by Talking With Rebecca were great to target both sounds at the same time! You can fine these HERE. (P.S. Please tell me that you, too, have one of those students who insists on coloring everything in rainbow colors, so that it takes forever and he/she never finishes!)

And finally, I took a few of my kiddos on nature walks in celebration of Earth Day. We talked about our 5 senses, vocabulary of things we saw and heard, and then came back to make adorable nature walk books by The Dabbling Speechie. You can find this adorable book HERE. We talked about the importance of taking care of our Earth as we made the books for them to take home. Though I did not tell the kid, this one was definitely my favorite:

In case you can't read it, then sentences go like this. His answers are in red. Don't you just love it when you feel as if your lessons make a difference?!?!?!

I went on a nature walk.
I saw ___ grass
I found ____ a stick.
I felt ______ hot.
I discovered _______ I don't like nature walks. (The End.)

Have a great weekend, friends!



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