Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Smarty Ears' iName It! {An App Review and Giveaway}

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I'm back today with another great app from Smarty Ears. iName it was created by an SLP to target adults with Aphasia. However, just like all of the Smarty Ears apps, this one can be used for multiple targets across all settings and ages!

Disclaimer: Smarty Ears provided me a copy of this app for review, but all opinions expressed below are mine alone. No other compensation was provided. 

This app is available in three different languages. While most of my kiddos speak only English, I do have several students who also speak Spanish. So having the different options is neat!

As with all Smarty Ears apps, support and tutorials are provided should you ever need any help. I've had to utilize their support system before, and they were great about helping me out!

Users are very easy to add. You can import a real picture or choose from the app's Avatars. This app is only designed for one user at a time.

This app targets expressive naming of objects in rooms around the house. There are five different rooms to choose from.
 When you choose a room, the room lights up. The target objects are shown on the bottom of the screen.

When you touch an object, the rest of the room goes gray and the object itself lights up. If the person names the item correctly, you simply touch "Got it."

Four different cueing options are also provided if the person is having difficulty. The first is represented by a pencil and gives the first sound of the target word.

 The second cue is represented by a book, and gives the definition of the target word.

 The third cue is represented by a rectangle. This cue provides a fill-in-the-blank sentence option.

The last cue is represented by a word bubble with phonetic spelling. This cue gives the person the complete target word.
Keeping data with this app is very easy! I love how the results are broken down into accuracy with and without cues, and tells you which cues the person was most successful with. This is great when identifying which type of cueing is most helpful to the person!

Overall, this is another wonderful app by Smarty Ears. I love that it is simple and easy to use, and the data collection is great. I also love how the graphics are realistic and targeted towards older students/patients. (Sometimes I don't use certain apps with older patients because the graphics are too child-like.) I also believe this app could be easily used with other targets as well (wh questions, object function, identifying receptively, categories, life-skills, vocabulary, and even speech!

iName it sells in the iTunes app store for $14.99. You can find it by clicking the link below:

Or, you can enter to win a copy of the app below:

Good luck, and have a great day!


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  1. This app would be great for my students working on wh questions, object function, identifying receptively, categories, life-skills, and vocabulary. Great for life skill students.