Friday, March 21, 2014

The Weekly Wrap-Up: St. Paddy's Day and Beach Days

Hi Friends!

I'll admit upfront...this weekly wrap-up is MUCH shorter than last week's...because I spent A LOT of time this week in eligibility meetings (hey, it's job security, right?!?!) Anyway, take a look at what we were up to this week:

Of course, we had to start the week celebrating Saint Patrick's Day!

My younger students used Simply Speech's Old Lady Swallowed a Clover book companion to work on 'wh' questions and sequencing!

My older students used my History of Saint Patrick's Day companion to learn the history of the holiday and work on comprehension questions and holiday vocabulary!

Other groups used my Lucky Tucker book companion to work on sequencing, 'wh' questions, and writing!

Now for a few personal pictures:

Halle Jane spent her first day at the beach. Just so you know, she is not asleep here. She rather enjoys placing things over her head, including but not limited to, blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, and apparently hats. She really enjoyed "laying out", soaking up some rays (she was coated in sunscreen), and relaxing!

Finally, as earlier stated, I spent a lot of time in meetings this week, getting ready for meetings after Spring Break, and writing eval/reeval reports. Unfortunately, I don't "just get to play with kids all day," as my husband likes to tease me about! 

 AND...I ended the week attending a training on Common Core for Florida!

Now, we're off to GA for a week for Spring Break! I can't wait to sleep in (yeah right with the baby), enjoy being outside, and catch up on making TPT products. April's Book Club Bundle is coming soon!

Have a great weekend!


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