Monday, March 17, 2014

The Weekly Wrap-Up: PB&J and St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Monday, friends!  And Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Here's to hoping you had a relaxing, enjoyable, sunny weekend! I sure did!

Anyway, sorry in advance for the loooong post, but we did a TON last week! Check it out below: 

I started Monday off bright and early giving the Social Language Development Test-Adolescent Edition. I'm busy getting my 5th graders ready to transition to middle school. This is the first time I've given the Adolescent version. I liked it as much as the Elementary version...but there is a big jump as far as maturity goes!

For many of my older language groups, we used my History of Saint Patrick's Day packet to learn the history behind this fun holiday! 

In my social language group, we played Apples to Apples-dice edition! This super cute and fun game for learning came from a fellow SLP blogger friend: Rachel from Let's Talk Speech Therapy! This was the first day these students had played this version of the game (they love the board game version), so we got lots of great social practice in while practicing being patient when learning something new, taking turns, cheering others on, and losing and winning graciously! Not to mention the vocabulary and parts of speech practice! Thanks so much, Rachel!

Over the last few weeks, we've been explicitly teaching conjunctions and transition words for the students to use in their story retells and writing. For many of my students in the self-contained Autism classrooms, this concept isn't the easiest to learn...and visuals make it  much easier! We've been teaching them to use these words while sequencing steps to real activities. We sequenced the butterfly life-cycle last week, but this week we decided to do something different and fun to get the students excited! And what's more exciting than making Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches?!?! These are the cards I made to help sequence the steps. You can find these cards as part of my new Sequence It! activity on TPT here. 

 We went over the visual step cards first, and made sure we had all of the ingredients/materials we needed. 

We used my conjunction/transition word cards with the visual sequencing pictures to highlight the transitional words. 

Then, the classroom teacher found a Youtube video for the students to watch which shows the steps to making a PB&J!

 We stressed the transition words with each step: FIRST, you spread peanut butter onto one piece of bread. 

 NEXT, you spread jelly onto the second piece of bread.

 THEN, you put the two pieces of bread together.

 And LAST, enjoy eating your sandwich!

For those who wanted to do so, we used a shamrock cookie cutter to cut off the crust and cut their sandwich into a shamrock for a Saint Patrick's Day reference!

For the non-verbal students in the class, we used their iPad AAC apps to create visual pictures of the steps and materials needed, so they could participate too! 

Finally, the students wrote about the activity. Right now, they are drawing a picture and writing one sentence about each step, using the connector words! Eventually, we will transition away from simple sequencing activities to using the connector words in other types of story retell/writing activities. 

This PB&J adjective describing FREEBIE by Major Speech Minor Girl was a great addition to our PB&J activities!

For my younger language groups, we used Kristin from Simply Speech's There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover book companion to practice sequencing and prepositions! 

And finally, for my speech groups, we used Live Love Speech's Shamrock Articulation FREEBIE. It worked great as a no-print activity on my iPad!

How are you incorporating Saint Patrick's Day into your lessons? 

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