Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Social Pragmatic Deficits Checklist for Preschool {A Product Swap Review & Giveaway}

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I'm back today with a product swap from Smart Speech Therapy! Smart Speech Therapy makes a wonderful checklist on social skills for ages 3.0-5.11 years. This is perfect for me because I have a lot of students on my caseload with social deficits! Checkout my review below:

The checklist is 3 pages long and very easy to complete. The directions explain how to give the checklist to both preschool teachers and caregivers as well to make sure that the deficits are observed by people in different settings.

In order to complete the checklist, you simply place a check mark beside each area of difficulty. You can place double checks by any area that is very difficult for the child. The checklist is divided into 7 different areas: Language Processing, Verbal Expression, Play Skills, Problem Solving Abilities, Behavior, Social Pragmatic Language Skills, and Executive Function Skills. There is also an area at the bottom for you to write a brief summary of the child's most significant pragmatic deficits. (Personally, this is where I highlighted the areas that are significantly impacting the child's educational and/or social progression.)

Following is an example from each section:

Language Processing: Difficulty following directions/messages without repetitions/visuals

Verbal Expression: Does not use language to discuss emotions or feelings.

Play Skills: Does not self-talk during play routines (describes what s/he is doing while playing)

Problem Solving Abilities: Difficulty responding to abstract "why", "how", and "what if" questions

Behavior: has significant behavior tantrums and is very difficult to soothe

Social Pragmatic Language Skills: Difficulty maintaining personal space

Executive Function Skills: Difficulty inhibiting "unsafe" behaviors (runs away, grabs sharp objects, hits/bites)

This checklist is great because you can easily see which areas the student is struggling with and can easily identify areas that need to be targeted in therapy goals.

There is also a place at the bottom where you can check if you suspect the child may have other delays, and if so, in which areas.

You can find this and many other products from Smart Speech Therapy on their website by clicking the link below. You will also find a review of my Bear Wants More packet there as well!

You can enter to win a copy of the Social Pragmatic Deficits Checklist for Preschool Children below:

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