Monday, February 24, 2014

The Weekly Wrap-Up: President's Day, Language Trainer, & Jamberry!

Hi Everyone!

Once again, I'm late getting my weekly wrap-up post finished. I actually took some time off this weekend to relax: We went on a walk, went out to eat, went to see the Lego movie (Loved it!), and slept in. It was very much needed! But because of all the relaxing, I'm in over-drive this week to get everything done!

Here's what we were up to in therapy last week:

We celebrated President's Day!

We learned about different Presidents, answered comprehension questions about the history of President's Day, and learned about important American symbols.

 We learned about the life of President Abraham Lincoln

We learned about the life of George Washington

You can find my History of President's Day packet here:

We used Smarty Ears' new app Language Trainer to work on expressive naming. I was so pumped when one of my non-verbal students with Autism called the penguin below "Happy" (Anyone seen Happy Feet? That's an association if you ask me!) You can read my review of Language Trainer HERE.

Also-this week (2/24-2/28) I'm hosting a Jamberry Party with my friend and fellow speech blogger, Jenn Alcorn. I'm in love with this product! You can learn more about Jamberry and order from her website by clicking the link below. Just be sure to choose my name at checkout!

Stay Cool, Friends!


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