Monday, February 17, 2014

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Valentine's Day with Little Critter & Mr. Hatch!

Happy Monday!

I took the weekend off to go to GA with my husband and little girl to see our families. I couldn't imagine a better Valentine's Day present for me! So needless to say, I didn't work this weekend.

Anyway, take a look below at what we were up to last week in therapy...

 For my younger students (Pre-K and Kindergarten), we used my Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter book companion packet to practice sequencing and comprehension questions! We also "planned" their classroom Valentine's Day parties and compared what they would do with what Little Critter did for his party. You can find this download here.

In my fluency group, we used Carrisa Ten Hoeve from Home Sweet Speech Room's Snow and Steady turtle fluency cards. Instead of printing them, I opened the download in iBooks on my iPad! You can find this download here.

 Then, we used Jenn from Crazy Speech World's Old Lady Swallowed a Rose companion to practice sequencing! You can find her download here. 

Finally, we spent a lot of time on the book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch this week:

We used my book companion pack to work on comprehension questions and sequencing. You can find my book companion here:

We talked about adjectives, compliments, and random acts of kindness as well. I had the students make a list of adjectives they could use to compliment someone, and they made these cards for all of the school employees. I put them in the employee mailboxes on Friday, but I told the students not to tell anyone who made them. That way, they would be a surprise for the employees, just like Mr. Hatch got a surprise in the story. The students LOVED being in on a secret and doing something nice for the teachers! (The one that says "You remind me to be good." is my favorite...and if you knew the student, you'd know why....He needs LOTS of reminders!)

The Kindergarten and 1st grade ASD teacher at my school uses my monthly Book Club bundles to supplement her curriculum. This has been so wonderful because the students are getting the lessons with me in therapy, and all week with her as well. I have been popping in during their writing block too, to co-teach a writing lesson about the book of the week. She found an audio/video book reading of Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, read by actor Hector Elizondo. You can find it here:

The students listened to the story and as they were listening, we paused several times to identify and write in the story elements. 

After this, the students answered comprehension questions, and then did a writing activity as a follow-up. 

This super cute writing activity fit perfectly with the story! It is by TPT Seller, Bloomabilities, and can be found here:

We had an awesome Valentine's Week in Therapy. What were you up to? 

Now, we're moving on to President's Day! 

Have a wonderful week!


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