Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Book Companion Club

Happy New Year! (And actually, Happy Birthday to me!)

I'm soooo excited about a new series I've started in my TPT store. If you're like me and you like to plan ahead for each month, this new book club bundle series is for you! I'm bundling together my book companions (and making MANY new ones), for each month of the year. Each monthly book club will consist of 4 companion packets: 1 fictional story, 1 nonfiction story, 1 holiday/seasonal story, and 1 year-round story. This will take care of your lesson planning for the month (and save you money along the way!). You can download the companion packets individually in my TPT store, but buying the monthly bundle will help you plan ahead AND save some moolah!

For January, the following books are included:

Fictional Story:

Non-Fictional Story:

Holiday/Seasonal Story:

Year-Round Story:

As a heads-up, the February Stories will be:

Fictional Story: Bear Wakes Up
Non-fictional Story: Knut the Polar Bear (and factual information about Bears)
Holiday/Seasonal Story: Someobody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
Year-Round Story: Mr. Duck Means Business

You can see the January Book Club Bundle here:

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and a very Happy New Year!



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