Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Individualized Goal Plan (IGP) for Your's Truly!


The dreaded "r" word at the beginning of each new calendar year. Blah! I happen to love New Year's Day for several reasons. First, it's a holiday, so that means no work. Second and more importantly, it's my birthday! And third, and most importantly, it means a fresh start is here. With each new year brings the possibility of doing things differently than the previous year. And just like every other human being, I always have things I can improve on.

But here's the problem: I hate the word "resolution." To me, it seems like "I don't really want to do this, but I "need" to, so I'm going to "resolve" myself to "having" to do it." Like I said...blah! This mentality pretty much sets me up for failure before I ever begin. So I never make "resolutions." I make goals. Resolutions = Something I have to try not to fail at. Goals = Something I choose to try and be good at. See the difference?

This year, I'm trying something different. I was thinking about how I write 50+ IEPs for students each year. IEPs that detail specific goals in different areas that we expect the kids to meet. And in order to help make sure they get there, we set objectives for these goals and make them measurable so we can track progress. So this year, I made myself my very own IGP (Individual Goal Plan). You can see it detailed below:

The very first thing I did was brainstorm about different goals that were important to me. I used this adorable worksheet by Addie Williams. You can find it HERE.

I made goals for these areas:

1) Faith
2) Family
3) Health
4) Work


GOAL: Whitney will dedicate time each day to spend with the Lord.
             OBJECTIVE: Spend time in the Word each day
             OBJECTIVE: Be a prayer warrior for others
             OBJECTIVE:  Find a church home away from home

Reported progress thus far: Began a yearly devotional written by pastors across the country.


GOAL: In an effort to spend more time with the husband and be more active, Whitney will begin playing golf again.
             OBJECTIVE: Get new golf clubs (old ones are ancient)
             OBJECTIVE: Find a partner to play with when husband is playing with his friends
             OBJECTIVE: Play enough over the course of the year that I no longer suck entirely 

Reported progress thus far: Began the search for new clubs; Played my first game in 6-7 years over Christmas break (I need a lot of work.)

GOAL: In an effort to save more money and eventually buy a house, Whitney will make a valiant effort to pay off her credit card and keep it at a zero balance.
            OBJECTIVE: Come up with a payment plan and stick to it.
            OBJECTIVE: Don't buy anything I don't have the cash to pay for.

Reported progress thus far: Large amount paid on credit card. (Thank you, TPT). Now to keep it going.


GOAL: In an effort to get back to pre-wedding weight, Whitney will engage in an entire healthier lifestyle change.

             OBJECTIVE: Exercise 2-3 times per week
             OBJECTIVE: Plan healthier meals and avoid fast food
             OBJECTIVE: Limit Chocolate Chip Frappes to no more than 1 per month.
             OBJECTIVE: Limit Coke Zero to no more than 1 per day.

Reported progress thus far: Bought a Groupon for exercise class and attended first one this past week (Dude, I'm sore!); Have not had more than 1 Coke Zero per day for 2 weeks now; Have only had one Choc. Chip Frappe this month; Just made grocery list which includes healthy meal choices; Went through pantry and got rid of junk (not by eating it!)


GOAL: In an effort to curb her clip art addiction and save money, Whitney will help put her mom's amazing artistic abilities to use by turning sketches into clip art.

             OBJECTIVE: Research and purchase a clip art program
             OBJECTIVE: Convince mom to participate
Reported progress thus far: Began negotiations with mom

GOAL: Whitney will publish a children's book.

            OBJECTIVE: Find an illustrator
            OBJECTIVE: Find a publisher
Reported progress thus far: Book is written; Mom will illustrate; Still need a publisher. Anyone know anyone?

So in closing, I'm hoping that by writing this post and putting my goals out there for everyone to see, I will be even more motivated to meet these goals by the end of 2014. So far, so good. Probably need an accountability partner.  Apply within.

What are your resolutions goals for 2014?


  1. These are so cute Whitney! Goodluck in all your 2014 goals!

  2. These look like wonderful goals Whitney! I highly suggest taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course. My husband and I completed it last March and have been following our envelope budget ever since and making great headway on paying off our student loans. He really give super advice for paying off debt, buying a house, and setting yourself up for life. You can find nearby classes on the FPU website. Good luck!