Friday, December 20, 2013

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Christmas, Sequencing, and M&Ms!

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe we're just a few days away from Christmas! This year has flown by! We were very busy at school this week. We used my Christmas TPT products to tackle all kinds of goals while enjoying holiday fun. And when it got hard to focus and we were feeling a little "grinchy," we took our Grinch Pills! Check out the pics below: 

We worked on sequencing this week with activities such as decorating Christmas trees, making snowmen, making hot chocolate, baking cookies, and making Smores. Since it's hard to carry around a Christmas tree for all my groups to decorate and since it's impossible to make a snowman in Florida (although some of the sandmen on the beach have been adorable!), we decorated a Christmas tree by coloring and made a snowman by putting together pre-made pieces. (That's why improv is important, people!)

We also read Turkey Claus, the sequel to Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. The kids LOVED how the story had the same characters and continued their story!

We made a Venn Diagram to compare Turkey Trouble to Turkey Claus...the kids LOVED it!

Finally, when we were just so distracted or ornery, we took some "Grinch Pills" to cheer us up. Yay for M&Ms. :) Boo for weight gain. :(

Overall, it was a wonderful week-before-Christmas at school. We finished up the week with Pajama Day. The kids looked so adorable in their little Christmas pj's! What were you all up to this week?

Happy Christmas Break!


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