Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Crazy Bag Lady

Have you ever heard the reference to wearing many different hats? Well if you're an SLP like me, I'm a woman of many different bags! I change directions so many times a day, and inevitably, I grab a different bag just about each time! I'm always being asked how I juggle everything. The answer is a massive amount of organization (and a little bit of OCD.) So I thought I'd let you guys see my daily schedule by showing you my different bags! (And for my family, this is an explanation of why I ask for new bags every year for Christmas!)

My day starts at 5:00 am, but all of my bags are packed the night before. I wake up, jump in the shower, feed the baby, put the baby back to sleep, dry my hair while checking my social media accounts, get dressed, grab all my bags, and am out the door by 6:15 (6:30 here lately.) Before I leave, I put the milk bag and diaper bag on the table for my husband, who takes the baby to our wonderful sitter (the grandmother!) All the other bags go with me.

  The milk bag is packed the night before and stays in the fridge. It houses pre-made bottles and a container of extra milk. Also has a frozen cold pack thingy.

 Halle Jane's diaper bag also gets re-stocked each night. I try to keep it ready to go so my husband only has to grab it and go. (Some days it still gets forgotten!) It always has diapers, wipes, diaper cream, extra clothes, bibs, pacis, teething toys, socks, and burp cloths. Babies need a lot of stuff. 

  Can't leave home without my purse. I love this bag (Charming Charlie's), but I regularly refer to it as the "black hole." There are things that have gone in that just do not ever come out. They are seen one minute, and never heard from again the next. But, it mostly houses my wallet, my checkbook, my husband's checkbook, my make-up bag (see below), a brush, Tylenol, band-aids, my coupon bag (see below), my sun glass case, about 3 hair-clips, around 42 paperclips, approximately 11 pens, and chapstick.

 Ok, so I try to never leave home without the makeup already on. But let's face it. I have a 3 month old. I'm sleep-deprived. I'm lucky if I leave home with my clothes on. Whether or not I already have makeup on, I rarely leave home without the makeup bag. You never know when you need to freshen up, or when you'll get peas thrown at your face during feeding therapy. It includes powder, blush, foundation (which I never wear), q-tips, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, an eyebrow pencil, and chapstick. (Are you seeing a pattern here???)

 Next up is the laptop bag. This is by far the most important, the heaviest, and the most jam-packed of all my bags. It is inevitably the reason for my daily back-aches. It contains my laptop, charging cord, iPad, iPad charger, a bunch of computer manuals and cds I never took out, my planner, several pens, even more paperclips, student folders for evals I bring home to write but rarely do, and 5-15 books for started-but- unfinished TPT products.

 This is the lunch bag. I always pack this the night before, although I'm not sure why. I rarely eat my lunch during the school day. I'm so busy that I mostly eat in the car at 2:35 on the way to pick up the little one. It includes a coke zero, water bottle, sandwich or leftovers from the night before, a breakfast bar or oatmeal pack, some kind of fruit cup, and a bite-sized piece of chocolate.

Next up is the coupon bag. This is normally housed in either my purse or the floorboard of my car. I started couponing a few years ago, and I really enjoy it. It's like a puzzle or challenge for me to pay as little as possible for something. It's a mathematical exercise for me and less money and a full pantry for my husband. I spend about 3 hours a week on coupons, and I never go into a store without the coupon bag. 

 I get to school around 6:45. Teachers have to be there at 7:05, and we leave at 2:35. This is my school therapy bag. I see some kids in my room, and others I see in various crevices around the school. (By the time I get 5 kindergarten kids all the way across the school to my room, half of the session is up.) I throw my books, games, activities, stickers, and treasure box items into this bag at the beginning of the day, and I unpack it every afternoon.

I leave school at 2:35 and one day a week, I head to see private clients. For my private kids, I take stuff from school as well as from home. I pack this bag during the day on the day-of, and unpack it when I get back to school the next day. This week, we're talking about farm animals. It includes pig, horse, cow, and sheep stuffed animals, 5 farm books, a few TPT products, and my iPad for animal sounds.

On the day I have private therapy, my husband picks baby up and brings her home around 6:00. I spend two hours with her and then she's off to bed. This is why I only see private kids one day a week. On non-private therapy days, I get to grandma's about 3:15, visit for a minute, and get home around 4:00. I walk the dogs, and the baby watches the daily Sesame Street episode while I iron my clothes for the next day, cook dinner, pick up the house, wash bottles, make formula, feed the dogs, make my lunch for the next day, and pack my bags. Then I bathe baby and dress her for bed. Husband comes home and we eat dinner and play with the baby. Then she has her bottle and is normally asleep by 7:30-8:00.

After baby is asleep, I wash more bottles, clean the kitchen, walk the dogs again, watch an episode of something with the husband while checking email and then get myself ready for bed. I then spend about two hours blogging, making TPT materials, and/or social media marketing (which I try to keep some kind of grasp on throughout the day). Then, absolutely exhausted, I fall asleep around 10:30-11:00.

Baby wakes up around 3:00 am to eat, and then I'm back asleep until 5:00, when the new day begins. And this doesn't even include incidentals, like getting my car serviced. Since about every moment of every work day is planned out, you can imagine how much I do not like hiccups or schedule changes!

Gosh. I just got tired writing all of that. And it's 11:00 pm. Right on schedule.

Good night, friends!

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  1. You are a busy girl! I hope Halle Jane starts sleeping all night for you soon!!!