Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Screenings, Turkey Trouble, & /r/ Flip Books!

Can you tell the baby is napping, and I'm finally getting a chance to do some major catch-up?!?!

This is what we were up to in therapy this week:

My SLP counter-part and I did LOTS of screenings in Kindergarten this week. Most of them were for articulation, and most of the kids we checked needed speech. Yay for job security, and yay for the teachers making good referrals! Our county doesn't do Language screenings anymore because we have the teachers refer them for RtI. But the SLPs at my school do language "checks," where we give our opinion on interventions to implement in the gen ed classrooms for those students going through MTSS (RtI).  We used Smarty Ears' app Basic Concepts Skills Screener for Kindergarten. You can read my past review of that app HERE. 

 We used my Turkey Trouble Comprehension Packet to answer comprehension questions, sequence the events, explain idioms, and retell the story with help from my Story Map. It worked great for students all the way from Pre-K to 5th grade! You can find my Turkey Trouble Packet in my TPT Store HERE!

 Almost every one of my kiddos I see for speech are working on /r/. We used Super Duper's R Flip Book and Magnetic Vocalic R Sort to get over 200 responses in a 30-minute session!

And lastly, my little Lovie has mastered the whole "sitting in the Bumbo" seat thing. At this point, she much prefers to sit up than lay down so she can see everything! She'll be 11 weeks tomorrow. Here, she is infatuated with Sesame Street (they were learning her letter, H!) She's growing waaaayyy too fast!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a great week!


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