Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Veterans' Day, Publix, Thanksgiving, and more!

Happy Sunday!

Here's a look at what we were up to in our speech room last week:

 On Monday, we celebrated Veteran's Day. We read patriotic books, learned American symbols, and discussed those men and women who have been sacrificing from the very beginning to make and keep America free. (We also talked briefly about the Pilgrims and how eventually, they had to fight to free themselves from the King's rule. This was a great lead-in to my History of Thanksgiving packet!)

 On Tuesday, I went with my 4 year-old Pre-K class on a field trip to Publix. Check back for an entire post devoted to our Publix trip! 

  On Wednesday, we used my History of Thanksgiving packet to learn about the Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving. You can find my History of Thanksgiving packet here: 

 We also used one of my favorite games, Apples to Apples Junior Edition, in my social group on Wednesday. Before we played the game, we used my "Rules for Winning & Losing" to remind the students about appropriate responses and actions when you win or if you lose. You can find my rules here:

I have one student in particular who has a very difficult time with losing. Despite knowing (and understanding) all the rules, he has a terrible time controlling his actions "in the moment." On this particular day, his actions cost him his sticker. Losing his sticker brought on a full-fledged meltdown, which I knew it would. I dismissed the other students from group when it was over and asked him to stay. He also has a hard time letting things go, and I knew it would affect his behavior for the rest of the day if we didn't work on getting past it. We wrote what happened down on a piece of paper (Today in social group, I lost my sticker.) Then I had him ball it up and physically throw the paper in the trash. We talked about how it was over, in the past, in the trash, and needed to stay there. I wasn't mad. I loved him still. And he needed to leave what happened in the trash forever, instead of carrying it with him all day. Miraculously, the visual task worked, and he was able to go back to class a happy little camper! (Whew!) Guess we'll be using that one more often!

 On Thursday, I used these foam shapes (Target Dollar-bin last year), to work on prepositions, basic concepts, naming shapes, and comparisons with my Kindergarten kiddos. I used the data I got on their specific needs from Smarty Ears' Basic Concepts Skills Screener to know exactly which concepts to target. They loved it, and based on the results of the screener, we'll be working with these a lot this year. :/

And on Friday, Matt & Molly made another appearance with my self-contained ASD classrooms, and they brought their hungry turkey friend! I love these quick stories for working on comprehension questions, yes/no questions, and sequencing. The best part-the kids love these characters, too!

What were you guys up to last week? I'd love to hear!


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