Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pre-K in Publix!

Last week, I had the opportunity to go with the 4 year-old Pre-K class on their field trip to Publix. (Went great with their "My Community" theme currently going on!) I've been on field trips to Publix before, but this one by far took the cake (pun intended!) Here are the highlights from our trip:

 After visiting the coolers, the kids got to see where they package the meat in the meat department.

  The fruit department was awesome! They had examples of tropical fruits (FL is tropical) for the kids to touch, smell, and taste! Even the adults hadn't heard of some of them. From left to right is the Kiwi, Star Fruit, Asian Pear, and Cactus Pear.

  After everyone put on hairnets for cleanliness, they walked us through the deli and bread sections. The students got to taste the popcorn chicken. The bread smelled sooo yummy!

 Next came my favorite part...the bakery! The head cake-decorator, Mary, did an amazing job teaching the students how to decorate a cake. I took about 20 pictures of each step, and the students loved sequencing them in the correct order as a follow-up activity in the days after our trip!

 First, she added a banner with our school name and year.

 Next, she showed the students how to make roses, and told them roses need 12 petals. The students loved counting along with her each time.

 The roses turned out so pretty! 

 Then, she added green leaves, borders, and lots and lots of streamers.

 She then added balloons and fairy dust. The students were so excited to take the cake back to school with us and try a piece!

 Then, the students got to help scan and bag the groceries. Much thanks to the patient shoppers who were so kind!!!

 The students got to see the lobsters (and talk about which parts of the lobster you eat!) haha

 As we were leaving, the students got a cookie! 

Finally, Publix sent each student home with a gift bag including popcorn, a banana, snack bars, and a Publix coloring book!

The staff at Publix were so sweet and organized. The students had a wonderful time, and it was such a great opportunity to get all kinds of language therapy in with practicing questions, sequencing, manners, predicting, and so much more. Thank you so much, Publix!!!

Do you ever go on field trips with your students? Where do you go? How do you incorporate language lessons into your trips?

Enjoy your Sunday!


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