Thursday, August 1, 2013

Data & Organization!

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I cannot believe school starts back for me and my fellow St. Pete teachers next week! I worked ESY this summer, so I’ve stayed busy. And as many of you know, I’m about 2 weeks away from welcoming my first baby (a little girl) into the world! I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to get and stay organized, which may be an obsession of mine. I’m very blessed to have amazing SLP counterparts that work with me at my school and someone else coming in to cover my caseload while I’m on maternity leave. But I still want to start the school year organized to help them and my kiddos with the transition. I did a blog post last year on my student folders, which you can find HERE. But I’ve updated a lot since then, so I decided to link up with Jenn at Crazy Speech World and her “Show me the data” linky. I can’t wait to find the time to delve into all of the other SLP blogger links…I’m know there are crazy good ideas out there!

I started last school year with all of my students having their own speech folders, but by the end of the year, I had combined them into one big binder, where each student had their own tab. This just worked a little better for me because I do a lot of inclusion therapy in the classrooms, and carrying one binder with me was much easier than carrying 10-15 student folders around campus. Included in the tabs for each student are student mission statements, student data sheets, sticker charts, and student information sheets. An explanation of each form is found below. You can download these forms in my TPT store for free!

Parent Student Information Sheet-This includes generic information about the students that the parent fills out. It also includes a space for parents to include their desires/goals/concerns for their student receiving speech and/or language therapy.

SLP Student Information Sheet-This includes information about the student, such as goals, concerns, likes, and dislikes. I’m really counting on this sheet helping out the SLP filling in for my maternity leave!

Student Mission Statement Sheet-This includes spaces for the student to write their goals for speech and/or language therapy, as well as a place for them to identify how they will meet their goals. It is crucial that students know why they come to speech/language therapy and what they are working on!

Student Data Sheet-The majority of my students keep their own data…even Pre-K students (with help!) For the few students who are unable to do so, I keep their data for them. It is very important for students to see how their hard work is paying off (or lack-there-of for motivation!) I use a different sheet for every goal, because they may be making progress on one goal and not another.

Student Sticker Chart-If the student comes to therapy and follows the rules (including trying their best), they earn a sticker at the end. Five stickers in a row earns them a trip to the prize box. My students can earn extra stickers for bringing back paperwork signed, completing homework, etc. These stickers are NEVER given based on data performance…only following the rules and giving it their all!

Using these forms has definitely made my life easier, and I hope you find them useful as well. On another note, my goal is to get out several new blog posts over the next two weeks before my little one makes her appearance. I know I’ve slacked off on blogging somewhat throughout my pregnancy, so I’m looking forward to feeling like myself again and getting back into the swing of things (consistently!) Hope you all have a wonderful start to your school year, whenever it may be!

Be sure to check out Jenn’s Data Linky blogpost on the ways she keeps data, as well as all the other amazing systems linked by fellow SLP bloggers!

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  1. Love the mission statement! That's awesome! Thanks for linking up :)