Monday, June 3, 2013

Under the Sea Crafts

Hi friends!

Our Ocean theme wouldn't be complete without some adorable crafts to go along with it! Here's what we've been up to craft-wise:

 An Octopus is Amazing is a great, NONFICTION book packed full of interesting facts about the octopus. Our Pre-K students made these adorable paper-towel roll octopi to go along with the story!

The students in the Autism classes got a little crabby last week making these adorable hand-print crabs! (It turned into a great sensory opportunity, too!)

 We also made Waves in a Bottle in Pre-K with oil, water, and food coloring, and the awesome Pre-K teachers had labels printed, tied ribbon around the top, and hot-glued a gem to the top of the bottle to add the final touches!

 Shout out to Jenn at Crazy Speech World for this idea! These sharks were a big hit for my older speech groups. The students chose words with their speech sound(s) in them for great take-home practice and carryover!

 My colleague did these adorable cut-outs with her speech groups! 

And finally, this was a very inexpensive teacher craft: I took a rubber ball and wrote Ocean/Beach/Summer related questions all over it. When the kiddos catch the ball, they choose a question to answer using complete, grammatically correct sentences. Easy and cheap for me, and the kiddos adored it!

Below is an Amazon Affiliate link to An Octopus is Amazing. It's a great non-fictional book that is perfect for an Ocean theme!

Do you have any fun beach or ocean crafts? I'd love to here! 


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