Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month!

Hi Everyone!

We've been super busy at school this month celebrating April's Autism Awareness! I wanted to take a quick minute and share pictures of some of the ways we've been doing so!

 What Is Your Super Power bulletin board decor in the 1st/2nd grade hallway

 These puzzle piece posters are hung throughout the school with facts about Autism. 

 Autism Awareness bulletin board outside of the speech rooms! 

 Puzzle pieces and self-portraits were made by the students in the Autism classrooms and hung around the school. 

Puzzle piece pins were given to the staff to wear during the month of April

 Autism Awareness shirts for faculties, students, and families! 

The second Autism t-shirt

Does your school recognize Autism Awareness month? If so, how do you celebrate? 


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