Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day in the Speech Room! I'm waaaayyy behind on my flash to me: pregnancy is HARD!

But now that I'm finally into my second trimester and I have a little more energy now, I'm going to try and increase my output again!

So this past week we worked on our speech and language goals while celebrating Valentine's Day! I used Jenn @ Crazy Speech World's unit on "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!"  My kid's adore the Old Lady books, and Jenn's activities were wonderful companions to the book!

My kindergarten, first grade, and Autism classrooms used the visuals to help retell the story. Each student LOVED making their own mini books to take home to show their families as well. The older grades used the Venn Diagram compare and contrast page to examine the similarities and differences between the Old Lady Swallowed a Rose and the Old Lady Swallowed Some Snow. And all of the speech groups enjoyed using the Speech worksheet to find words from the story that contained their sounds. Jenn does a wonderful job with all of her Old Lady units...The kids love them, and having them made planning so much easier! Thanks so much, Jenn!

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day in your speech room?