Friday, October 12, 2012

Ghost Toast for the Letter "T!"

Happy Friday!

This week in Pre-K, the letter of the week is "T." In additon, we're working on learning The Five Senses, and of course, we're incorporating "Halloween" into everything possible! Today, we made Ghost Toast with Toasters! We let the students cut ghosts out of bread using cookie cutters, and then we put them in the toaster. They spread cream cheese on top and used mini chocolate chips for the eyes. For each thing we used, we talked about what senses they were using:

They could see the chocolate chips, toast, toaster, cookie cutters, cream cheese, and spreader

They could hear the chocolate chips when we shook the bag, the toaster as it popped up, and the knife scratching the toast as they spread the cream cheese

They could smell the chocolate chips, toast, and cream cheese

They could touch the chocolate chips, soft bread, squishy cream cheese, hard cookie cutter, and rough toast

And best of all, they could taste the sweet chocolate chips, cream cheese, and toast!

Have a WONDERFUL Weekend!


  1. Cute idea! They were doing 5 senses at our school too. What is your PreK caseload like? How do you usually work with your kiddos in the gen ed setting and get their minutes in? I have 10 between 2 classes, so I'm trying to figure out how to effectively juggle everyone!

    1. Hi Amy! There are two blended Pre-K classes at my school as well. Currently, one class only has one ESE kiddo (seen individually in the classroom by our other full-time SLP, and the other class has seven(seen Gen Ed by me). I lead two 30-minute language circle times each week, where I plan activities that go along with their theme or letter of the week. I target the goals my kiddos have during these language circles. In addition to the circle times, I am in randomly throughout the week to participate in other activities (field trips, baking, parties, themed-activities, and arts and crafts.) The teachers are WONDERFUL about including me in everything. I actually see the kiddos more than their actual IEP minutes every week, as my schedule allows. (Sometimes more some weeks than others). ~Whitney :)