Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Charts {A FREEBIE!!!}

Hi Everyone!

September is a month full of birthdays for my family. Among the (7) family members who have Sapphire birthstones are my mom (the 7th), and my husband (the 14th). As I'm gearing up for the many birthday bashes, I was thinking about how as a specialist in the schools, it's near impossible for us to make a birthday sign or chart for each of our kids, since we have so many on our caseloads. I really love birthdays, though, so I created a birthday chart FREEBIE!

This download has a page for each month, and an open spot for you to write the names of all the kids who have birthdays during that month. If you laminate them, you can wipe off and reuse each year. And if you don't use them for birthdays, you could use them for notes, meetings, or many other things.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I LOVE these! Absolutely using these for birthdays, but also for squencing, months of the year, holiday distribution for seasons (and talking about dressing for weather, vocab, etc..) I think it's safe to say I'll use these often!
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    1. Hi Rachel-Thanks so much for your comment! I love your ideas for additional ways to use these...many of your ideas I had not thought of! Thanks so much. I'm so glad you found these useful! ~Whitney :)

  2. That's a cute idea. I used some little cake cutouts from the dollar store that I think will work. I wrote the month and then displayed them in one of those plastic hanging charts. Not reusable, but for a dollar, I don't mind! Now if only I could print and copy your great materials at school, life would be great!