Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Dollar Spots & Dollar Tree!

Hi, Friends!

For weeks now, I've been waiting for stores to put their back-to-school things out. I finally got to start my scavenging a couple of weeks ago. In addition to their regular school supplies sections, Target's Dollar Spot has great classroom items, such as bulletin board decor, great labeling magnets, workbooks, flashcards, and dry-erase activities like the one in the picture below. I have several students with Autism who are learning to write their names and letters. One little boy in particular is obsessed with spelling anything you ask of him. Its not often that you catch him without a dry erase marker! I found this dry-erase activity book for working on writing letters, your name, and simple sight words. It was in the Dollar Spot at Target! These would also be great for riding in the car for those of you with kiddos! Besides Target, Dollar Tree also has a great teacher's section, Michaels has a Dollar Spot, Joann's has great teacher bins, and Lakeshore Learning also has a great sale going on now through September for teachers. Be sure to check them out! Have you found any great items for your classroom yet?

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for pictures of my therapy room. Several of you have asked about how I have organized and arranged my room, so I'll address it tomorrow!



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