Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty Therapy Thursday-Chalk Talk Speech

Happy Thrifty Thursday again!

I don't like staying inside on pretty days, and my kids love chalk. Put those two together, and we came up with Chalk Talk Speech Days! On Chalk Talk Speech Days, we go outside, the kids find a spot, and they can draw anything they want (that's appropriate!) AS LONG AS it has their target sound. We also do this with language groups who are working on vocabulary/categories, etc. It gets me outside in the warm sunshine, the kids work on their speech by telling me what they are drawing using their good speech sounds, and most of all, they think its fun! Added bonus: Chalk is Cheap! Do you guys use chalk in your classrooms?

I love Crayola's box of 48 pieces of chalk in great colors. Here's the Amazon affiliate link!


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