Monday, July 23, 2012

The Berenstain Bears!

Who loves The Berenstain Bears?!?!

As an SLP who does LOTS of work on literacy and language, I'm obsessed with character sets of books. Some of my favorite characters are The Berenstain Bears. There are tons of BB books on every topic you could possibly think of. I use them to teach all kinds of lessons, from doing homework, to telling the truth, to being a good sport, and many more. They are also wonderful for teaching holiday vocabulary and go great with Story Grammar Marker lessons. There are several school-related BB books that I use throughout the school year. I included an Amazon affiliate link to The Berenstein Bears Go To School below. These books have great pictures, awesome vocabulary, and wonderful lessons at the end. For the little ones, I just simplify the text down to their level. There are also great activities that go along with the characters on the Berenstain Bears webpage. In addition, there are BB activities on the PBS page as well. Following are the school-related books I use throughout the year. You can print out a full list of all Berenstain Bear books from the official BB site. As teachable moments surface during the year (a student tells a fib, someone is bullied, homework starts slacking, etc., I pull out the coinciding book and we see what lesson the cubs (or the parents) learned on the topic! Do you have any favorite Berenstain Bear books?


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