Monday, August 12, 2013

Speech Room Tour, 2013 Edition

Happy Friday!

I've had several requests to see how I've set up my room, so I thought I'd give you a peek inside my classroom at school!

A view of my room from the door. I just re-covered by chair with colorful fabric! 

Close-up of Children's Books. Got paint stirrers from Home Depot (for free!) and added stickers to divide the themes! 

This big blue ugly thing is in my room, and I have no idea what is in there or what it's for. (I think a lot of wires). Anyway, Winnie the Pooh and Friends have a nice home on top.

 It's magnetic, so I use it for letter work! 

Spray-painted letters from Michaels work wonders for a blank wall! 

My desk: Admittedly, it really is always this clean when I go home for the day :/

The CLEAN board. Love my Story Grammar Marker magnets! 

The ever-changing bulletin board. The kids usually have a 5 minute phonological awareness activity to warm-up. I hung strips and clip books from whatever theme/holiday we're on. These are all books for back-to-school!

My bookshelf. Top row: SLP books. Second row: Therapy books/materials. Third row: Children's books. Bottom row: Student Notebooks, empty binders, and RtI Workgroup info I'm working on. 

Storage cabinet top: Decorations, SGM, Artic on left. Tests, Art supplies, and Language on right. 
Storage Cabinet Bottom: Games, games, and more games! 

The top of the storage cabinet is a great place for storing Book Buddies and Ned's Head! 

Story Grammar Marker Section: Note Braidy's and student braids hang on walls with command hooks! 

Felt-covered science-fair board makes a great Story Grammar Marker Velcro board! 

Therapy In a Boxes. On top are complete sets of character books (such as Junie B. Jones) 

Filing Cabinets. Labeled with dry-erase markers, so I can erase and change the drawers as needed! 

The "card deck" shelf. True to my SLP/OCD nature, Language on top shelf, Artic on bottom shelf. The crayon art was a Christmas gift from a friend. Art supplies, stickers, etc. are in the bins to the left. 

Hope you found some of this useful! Do you have any organization tips that save your sanity? 


  1. Hey Whitney! Love this tour! What's in your therapy boxes (I see one labeled bugs). Just themes items? You look very organized!


  2. Ok. silly me. Just saw your post about them! Looks great!

  3. No problem! Yes-I created them in grad school. They are great for pulling at the last minute, and most of them go along with the Pre-K themed units too.

  4. Got some great ideas for my room in Pasco County! Thanks!!!!

  5. I must say that you are great organizer as this arrangements are adorable.Pooh Baby Shower

  6. Love the paint stick idea for organizing books, and writing on file cabinets with dry-erase markers. Thanks for sharing! You are way more tidy than I am. My desk is never clean!

    Schoolhouse Talk

    1. Thanks, Abby! I did this post a while back...I've gotten a little less organized since the baby came along :)