Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to School Spatial Directions-FREEBIE

Happy Tuesday, Peeps!

I managed to get into my classroom yesterday to start working. I spent 3 un-interrupted hours organizing, sorting, and decorating! After all that, I'm even more excited about starting school! Many of my students need help working on spatial directions. They get tired of the whole "put the block on top of the bucket" routine, so I created a spatial directions matching game with school supplies to hopefully spice things up!

You can use this in different ways. You can have the students turn the cards over and play a matching game, show the students one of the pictures and if they can name the opposite direction, they get the match, use the pictures to discuss vocabulary, or use the pictures to test their knowledge of directions (i.e. put the pencil card next to the paper card.) I will also grab real objects from the classroom, and have the students use the object to do what's on the card (hold a pencil up, put a notebook in front of the door, etc.)

How do you work on spatial vocab?


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