Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Therapy Thursdays!

Calling all bargain hunters!

Due to the many budget cuts in education these days, we're all strapped for cash when it comes to buying for our classrooms. I'd like to use Thursdays to suggest inexpensive (or FREE) therapy/teaching ideas. Feel free to suggest any ideas of your own as well!

I found this idea on Pinterest, and I just made them last week. I found the cupcakes at the Dollar Tree in the teacher section in packs for $1.00. I laminated them and can't wait to use them this year!

Who doesn't have a thousand plastic Easter eggs around the house? I know I do! I have several kiddos working on letter recognition. Research shows that literacy is invaluable to a child's learning and language development. You can do so many different things with these letter eggs. You can mix them up and have the students correct them, have an Easter Egg hunt at Easter time, etc. Can you think of any other ways to use them?

After seeing the paint chip idea on Pinterest, I have used them for so many different things. Thanks to the super nice and generous people at Home Depot, paint chips are all over my classroom! You can use them in this way to teach contractions, or as seen below as bulletin board decorations. During Easter, I cut out eggs from the larger square paint chips, and used them on my bulletin boards. The kids thought they were great! FREE and easy!

Do you have any other Thrifty Therapy/Teaching ideas to share?


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