Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime Questions {A Forever Freebie}

It's Friday, friends!

For a lot of us, it means the end of a work week. And for me, it means the end of my husband's work week since I'm on summer break. Our one year wedding anniversary is Monday, so we are celebrating this weekend. It's so weird being at home during the day, so I'm excited to spend some quality time with him and our two Mini Schnauzers, Maia and Maggie, this weekend. (Hopefully beach time is in store...) I hope my fellow co-workers are enjoying their summer breaks so far, and getting some much needed relaxation time. I was able to have lunch with another SLP friend today, and we laughed at the fact that my OCD-SLP mind won't let me do too much relaxing. I have organized, reorganized, cleaned, re-cleaned, read, cleaned some more, and just recently got my hands on a label maker!

In expounding language skills, open-ended questions are very important, giving kids the opportunity to expound upon their answers. I use open-ended questions with students working on language skills, fluency, and even articulation skills. Attached is a link to summer vacation open-ended questions. Encourage your kiddos to use lots of detail and speak in complete sentences. For the kids working on fluency, you can ask them to answer the questions using "turtle speech," "easy speech," or whatever cues they are used to. For your articulation babies, encourage them to answer the questions using their good "___" sound. I like to use these the first week of school to learn about what my kiddos did over the summer too! Enjoy!


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