Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime Questions {A Forever Freebie}

It's Friday, friends!

For a lot of us, it means the end of a work week. And for me, it means the end of my husband's work week since I'm on summer break. Our one year wedding anniversary is Monday, so we are celebrating this weekend. It's so weird being at home during the day, so I'm excited to spend some quality time with him and our two Mini Schnauzers, Maia and Maggie, this weekend. (Hopefully beach time is in store...) I hope my fellow co-workers are enjoying their summer breaks so far, and getting some much needed relaxation time. I was able to have lunch with another SLP friend today, and we laughed at the fact that my OCD-SLP mind won't let me do too much relaxing. I have organized, reorganized, cleaned, re-cleaned, read, cleaned some more, and just recently got my hands on a label maker!

In expounding language skills, open-ended questions are very important, giving kids the opportunity to expound upon their answers. I use open-ended questions with students working on language skills, fluency, and even articulation skills. Attached is a link to summer vacation open-ended questions. Encourage your kiddos to use lots of detail and speak in complete sentences. For the kids working on fluency, you can ask them to answer the questions using "turtle speech," "easy speech," or whatever cues they are used to. For your articulation babies, encourage them to answer the questions using their good "___" sound. I like to use these the first week of school to learn about what my kiddos did over the summer too! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrifty Therapy Thursdays!

Calling all bargain hunters!

Due to the many budget cuts in education these days, we're all strapped for cash when it comes to buying for our classrooms. I'd like to use Thursdays to suggest inexpensive (or FREE) therapy/teaching ideas. Feel free to suggest any ideas of your own as well!

I found this idea on Pinterest, and I just made them last week. I found the cupcakes at the Dollar Tree in the teacher section in packs for $1.00. I laminated them and can't wait to use them this year!

Who doesn't have a thousand plastic Easter eggs around the house? I know I do! I have several kiddos working on letter recognition. Research shows that literacy is invaluable to a child's learning and language development. You can do so many different things with these letter eggs. You can mix them up and have the students correct them, have an Easter Egg hunt at Easter time, etc. Can you think of any other ways to use them?

After seeing the paint chip idea on Pinterest, I have used them for so many different things. Thanks to the super nice and generous people at Home Depot, paint chips are all over my classroom! You can use them in this way to teach contractions, or as seen below as bulletin board decorations. During Easter, I cut out eggs from the larger square paint chips, and used them on my bulletin boards. The kids thought they were great! FREE and easy!

Do you have any other Thrifty Therapy/Teaching ideas to share?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Educator/Teacher Discounts So Teachers Can #buyallthethings

As the summer winds to an end, teachers are beginning to ready their classrooms. If you're anything like me (and most other teacher I know), this means you're hitting up Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Lakeshore Learning, Amazon, and tons of other stores to #buyallthings! Especially super cute things that you already have 200 of but that you just can't seem to pass up.

Teachers are notorious for spending their own hard-earned money on things for their classrooms, and this is just one of the ten thousand reasons why teachers are amazing!

Luckily, many retailers recognize how special teachers are, and they offer teacher discounts to help!

Below is a list I compiled of well-known teacher discounts. This is nowhere close to a complete list, so if you have other suggestions, please comment below, and I'll add them to the list!

1. Barnes & Noble- 20% off with Teacher Membership card, and 25% off during Teacher Appreciation week
2. Michaels- 15% off with school ID
3. JoAnn's-15% off with Teacher Rewards Membership
4. Lakeshore Learning- 15% off and monthly specials
5. Hobby Lobby- 10% off if paying with an organization check or credit card
6. Books A Million- 20% off in store only
7. Home Depot- no tax with tax exempt paperwork
8. Lowes- no tax with tax exempt paperwork
9. Ann Taylor Loft- 15% off with teacher ID
10. Banana Republic- 10% off with teacher ID
11. Eddie Bauer- 15% off with teacher ID
12. J. Crew- 15% off with teacher ID
13. Adobe- 25-75% off retail
14. Apple- 5-19% off via EduStore
15. Party City- 10-20% with School letterhead

In addition to these, many hotels, phone companies, insurance companies, National parks, and city attractions (zoos, museums, aquariums, and amusement parks) offer teacher discounts too. It never hurts to ask, so ask away...any money saved is more money you have to spend! haha

Are there any other teacher discounts that you can't live without???

Junie B. Jones

Any children's books fanatics out there???

I absolutely love the Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park.  They are wonderfully hilarious stories about a little Kindergarten/1st grade girl who is always up to something. They are packed full of great vocabulary, conflict and resolution, and much more that makes teaching them fun and enchanting. I usually start the school year off by reading Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus to my older kiddos. I just discovered today that June is Junie B. Jones month! Right now at Barnes and Noble, if you buy two Junie B. Jones books, you get one FREE! This is a great deal, especially paired with your educator discount card. In addition to the books, there is also a great website for Junie B. with activities, games, and much more to go along with the lesson. You can save these activities or print them from the website. Check it out below!

 Want to own a copy of The Stupid Smelly Bus? An Amazon affiliate link is included here:

Here we go...

Welcome friends!

I've had "start a blog" on my to-do list for quite some time, and thankfully with summer break underway, I'm now getting to it. For those of you who know me and those other Type-A SLP's out there, you know that to-do lists are a crucial part of my life. I'll even admit that sometimes I write things on my list that I've already done, just so I can cross them off! (OK, my co-workers refer to this as OCD-SLP).

Anyway, my vision of this blog is to help connect very important people in the journey to student success-Teachers, Therapists, and of course, Parents! Often times, the student may be "getting it" in my little bitty therapy room, but as soon as they walk out of my door, they "forget." We are so busy these days, that often times the creative, fun side of education gets left out.  I want this to be a place where we can share easy, inexpensive, and time-friendly activities to bring the fun back into learning.  My hope is that what you find on this blog, and more importantly, what you are able to share, will help aid in the collaboration of everyone involved in education, so we can work together for the best needs of our students!

Start A Blog!