Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tarra & Bella {A Book Companion}

Good Morning, Friends!

If you know me, you know I love books. But I especially love books about animals. Make it a true story about animal love, and I'm completely sold. Enter Tarra and Bella! This is a wonderfully sweet story about an elephant and dog who became best friends. My students have LOVED learning about this true story! Here are the highlights of my companion packet below:

 Character and Vocabulary Cards

 Sequencing Cards

 Comprehension Question Cards (with and without answer choices)

 Basic Concept Practice

 Vocabulary Word Card Matches

 Cause and Effect Cards

 All About Asian Elephants Passage

 All About Asian Elephants Comprehension Cards

 Rhyming Word Cards

An Open-Ended Gameboard...


You can find Tarra and Bella in my TPT Store below:

It is also included in my April Book Club Packet

If you need the book, you can use the Amazon Affiliate link to find it below: 


Whitney :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bear's Loose Tooth! {A Book Companion}

Hi Friends!

Today has been a great day! The baby slept soundly through the night (she's been doing this weird thing where she doesn't wake up but cries out for no reason, which of course wakes me up!). I tried out a new home-made stain remover, and it actually worked (I just saved about 50 baby outfits!). And I'm slowly but surely checking off my "must-do" list! I'm working hard this week so I can play hard this weekend! (BEACH!!!)

Anyway, I haven't had a chance yet to blog about my newest book companion for Bear...Bear's Loose Tooth! This is the fictional book for April's book club also. Check out the highlights from the 50+ page packet below:

 Vocabulary Synonym Matches

 Sequencing Cards with Pictures

 Comprehension Questions with and without answers

 True/False Questions

Character & Vocabulary Cards

 Rhyming Word Cards

 Super Smile Tips Poster

 Brushing/Flossing Sequencing Cards

 Writing Prompts

 Speech Worksheets

 Following Directions Pages

Dot Reinforcer Pages

An open-ended Game board


You can find Bear's Loose Tooth Book Companion Below:

You can also find Bear's Loose Tooth as part of my April Book Club: 

And if you need the book, you can use the Amazon Affiliate link below to find it:


Whitney :)

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash {A Book Companion}

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

This week in therapy, we've been talking a lot about sequences and cause and effect. Pretty much my favorite story to teach Cause and Effect is The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, by Trinka Noble. If you're not familiar with this book, it's a hilarious story about a class trip to a farm and the chaos that follows when one of the students brings his pet boa along. You can see highlights from my book companion below:

 Character and Vocabulary Cards from the story

 Story sequencing cards

 Story comprehension cards with and without answer choices

 Basic concept cards

 Practicing Prepositions Cards

 Cause and Effect Matching Cards

 All About Boa Constrictors Informational Passage

 All About Boas Comprehension Question Cards

 Asking Questions Poster

Question Example Cards for practicing asking questions

 Event Sequencing Worksheet

 Rhyming Word Cards from the story

 ABC Order Worksheet

Dot Reinforcers and a Gameboard


You can find the book companion in my TPT store here:

It is also a part of my April Book Club Bundle, which you can find in my TPT Store here:

And in case you don't own the book, I've provided an Amazon Affiliate link here:

Whitney :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brand New Holiday Histories!

Hi Friends!

I've gotta warn you up front...I'm WAY behind on blogging about new products. I try really hard to make my blog posts a mixture of topics, and not only blog about new products in my TPT store. So, I'm apologizing in advance for what's to come over the next few days. But I promise to intertwine the product posts with what we're up to in speech, and a new developmental milestone post that's coming soon, too!

Over the past week, I've been busy creating FOUR new Holiday History packets for Easter Symbols, Easter: The Resurrection, Cinco de Mayo, and Veterans/Memorial/Patriot/Armed Forces Days. I LOVE teaching my students about the history behind the holidays. I think it's important that they know where the holidays come from and vocabulary associated with each holiday. Plus, each packet has activities for comprehension, writing, reinforcement, speech, and much more!

You can download the Holiday History packets individually in my TPT store (there are currently 14!), or you can download them all at once in my money-saving Holiday History Mega Bundle! This set bundles all of the products together for a 30% discount. Plus, if you buy it now, you'll get all of the added holidays later for FREE!

Click HERE to download the Holiday History Mega Bundle!

 Here's a quick highlight of each of the new History packets below:

Hope you Enjoy! Are there any additional holidays you'd like to see included?

Whitney :)